General Drug Information

The Facts

Michigan surveyed 3,260 students from 53 school districts for the 2005 Michigan Youth Risk Behavior Survey, part of a nationwide study led by the CDC. The survey found:

  • Alcohol was the most widely abused substance; 49 percent of seniors, 39 percent of juniors, 37 percent of sophomores and 30 percent of freshmen said they had used alcohol in the past month.
  • 12 percent of ninth-graders had smoked in the past month, along with 19 percent of 10th graders, 17 percent of 11th graders and 22 percent of 12th graders.
  • Marijuana was used by 22 percent of the seniors surveyed, 19 percent of juniors, 21 percent of sophomores and 15 percent of freshmen.
  • Surveys conducted every two years since 1997 have shown a steady decline in alcohol and drug use among Michigan high school students, consistent with national trends.
  • Students with low grades were significantly more likely to use marijuana, barbiturates, heroin, methamphetamines, club drugs and steroids.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Michigan ‘Alcohol and Other Drugs’ School Surveys

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