Synthetic Drugs

What are they?

  • Synthetic substances designed to mimic effects of illegal drugs
  • Products are marked as “NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION,” so no FDA oversight
  • Ingredients are not listed, generally unknown, or often different than what is listed
  • Manipulated by chemists to bypass regulations

Synthetic Cannabis (mimics Marijuana)

(Brands: K2, Spice, Blaze, Black Mamba, Bob Marley):
Blend of dried material sprayed with psychoactive chemicals, often marketed as “incense.”

Synthetic Stimulants (mimics Ecstacy, Cocaine, Meth)

(Brands: Aura; Zeus 2, Ivory Wave, Cosmic Blast, White Rush):
A crystalline powder marketed as “bath salts” that are laced with strong stimulants.

What are the effects?

Long-term effects are unknown – No studies have been done to examine the effects of these substances. They are reported to be potentially addictive. People using them report:

  • Psychotic effects such as paranoia, panic attacks, hallucinations, delusions. There have been reported cases of suicide due to hallucination after using synthetic drugs.
  • Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, nose bleeding
  • Seizure, chest pain, trouble breathing, heart attack

Are They Illegal?

There is currently a Federal Ban and a State of Michigan Ban on 5 of the synthetic cannabinoids that were used in these substances. However, manufacturers continue to design new formulations to avoid the laws so versions of these products are easily accessible at convenience stores/gas stations/online and are technically legal, although no less dangerous.

What can I do?

  • Educate yourself about what the synthetic drug products look like, educate young people in your life about the dangers of using them, and watch for signs of abuse.
  • Check stores (especially gas stations, convenience stores, liquor stores, smoke shops) for these products. If you see them, tell the store owner, “These products are dangerous to our youth and we do not want them in our community.” Let LSOY know where you see these products.
  • Partner with Livonia Save Our Youth to work toward a ban of these products in Livonia.