September 2015 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by K. Bonanno at 9:05 am

Present:  Richard Asztalos, K. Bonanno, Mike Campbell (new-community parent), Amber Cunnings (new- St. Mary Mercy Hospital Manager of Behavioral Outreach), Karyn Epps, Amanda Geraci, Phil Goodman, John Grzebik, Michelle Legleitner, Susan Nicholas, David Schuit,  Meg. Venn,

Coalition Update:  K. Bonanno reported on Board of Directors meeting of 8/17-18/15.  Organization

By-Laws were reviewed/updated and confirmed.  They will be published when completed.

Old Business:

Members participated in three events.

  1. K. Bonanno attended the successful faith-based workshop sponsored by Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority (LSOYC primary funder)                                on 8/19.
  2. K. Bonanno, S. Nicholas and T. Venn represented LSOYC at Tino’s Picnic annual fundraising event 8/23 sponsored by partner CDS Foundation.  LSOYC hosted a literature table and day long games for children (provided by the Livonia Recreation Dept).  R. Astelos of CDS reported the event was well attended and funds raised were above expectations.
  3. Dr. M. Menistrina conducted the annual training for residence assistants at Madonna Univ.

Ongoing Planning: 

  1. K. Bonanno announced the Community Forum planned in conjunction with St Mary Mercy Hospital and Growth Works began 9/1; sessions 2 & 3 will be Sept 8 & 15 with Oct. sessions being planned.  Program marketing was discussed and suggestions to consider advertising through Bright House and the Vicariate newspaper.  Members were encouraged to  spread the word.
  2. K. Bonanno announced the fall events, asked for volunteers and passed sign-up sheets for the Community Forum, the HS open houses (Clarenceville HS and Livonia to be forwarded by email), Schoolcraft School Daze, the Homecoming tailgate events and the Ladywood Bonfire 9/10.

New Business and Upcoming Events: 

  • K. Bonanno announced upcoming events as mentioned on the agenda.  Citizen’s for Peace meeting 9/8, Nat’l Suicide Awareness Day 9/10.   It was noted there was still time to sign up for partner St Mary Mercy/ Walk for Cancer 9/13.  Request was made for someone to represent LSOY at the State of the City address 9/16.
  • J. Gzrebik and R. Astalos will attend for their respective orgs and can cover if no-one else is able.  Interested parties must be registered-contact Karen.   Farmington SAFE-suicide awareness community conversation on 9/16.   Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority-funder’s meeting 9/17 10-11:30 am; K. Bonanno needs someone to attend in her place.  M. Venn and R. Astalos may be available if needed.
  • Bonanno will be covering HS SADD, SLS and Yellow Ribbon groups. Brighton Recovery Center Open House 9/11, 12-3pm.  D.  Schuit requested a student summit be planned for this school year.   He is willing to coordinate  along with Stevenson SADD peers.  The request will be considered at the Oct Board meeting.  He will also do a Global Ed project on substance issues.

Community Reporting: 

Members discussed issues of interest and concern.

  •  K. Bonanno reported powdered caffeine is becoming an issue on some campuses; U of M is developing a policy
  • Geraci reports Madonna has developed a Speakers Bureau; they can address professional development and other topics on request.
  • D. Schuit reports first Stevenson SADD group meets 9/23 and they have approximately 90 members this year.
  • S. Nicholas reminds members Sept is Nat’l Recovery month also asked if LSOYC is sending anyone to the MI SA Conf?
  • M. Venn reports Thurston HS has a human trafficking program 9/17.  J. Grzebik reports that the Youth Commission has decided against doing an advertising magnet; LSOYC may want to consider this; he can provide a vendor contact.   He also suggested that LSOYC reach out to the HS/MS PTSA’s  (Julie Thompson) for joint interests and that Commissioner Laura Toy is working on human trafficking issues and could be a contact.
  • P. Goodman reports Merriman Bowling Center has an afterschool bowling club available for schools to participate in; he is the contact person.
  • K. Epps reports Ladywood has hired 2 new assistants for advising; they are considering proposing a “healthy lifestyles” group, also there  will be a “Prevention Day “ workshop 11/13, which she would like LSOY to be involved in.
  • M. Legleitner reports their grant was renewed so she will continue in the group, also her org has expertise in human trafficking and can provide speakers
  • Asztalos notes that volunteers could still be used at the farm on Sat. for harvesting.
  • Cunnings reports that St. Mary Mercy has Intensive Outpatient Programing, also that the Hospital would like to support the upcoming NAMI walk and is exploring hosting a Family to Family support group.
  • M. Campbell gave feedback to the group reporting he had a positive experience and thought the resources represented were helpful.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:10 am.

Submitted by S. Nicholas