April 2016 Meeting Minutes

April 6th 2016, 6:00 – 8:00 PM

In attendance: Karen Bonanno,  John Grzebik, David Schuit, Kaleen Snowdon, Jerry Kwas,  Marseille Arbuckle, Tracey Pirronello, Nancy Radzwion, Wayne McDowell, Nancy Donahue, Meg Venn, Tom Venn, Diane Montes, Alan Clemens, Mary Olex

The meeting was started with reading our Mission Statement. Karen asked us to visit our website and make suggestions on what might be lacking.

Minutes were read and approved by Jerry and Mary. All approved.

Coalition Update

  • Karen mentioned that Bill Joyner on Friday Musings (on face book) reported that 2 signs were posted that a drug addict lives in a certain area in Livonia. Response was made about our organization as a resource.
  • Student at Madonna for one of her classes will produce a show focusing on our coalition. Karen will be filmed along with other members. Celebrate Michigan will be shown on a Saturday at 5 AM on channel 20. We will be notified when this will be.
  • Bookkeeping organization continues. We are close to being able to fill out forms to reinstate us as a 501-c3.
  • Site visit will be on April 13th. The board met on March 28th. They focused on the Corrective Action issues from our last visit.

Updates – Old Business

  • Karen met with Steve Archibald the Assistant Superintendent and 3 SAP’s. Our contact with the schools should be through the SAP’s. The schools may use the Community Forum with their suspended students. Karen went to Stevenson’s SADD meeting. They talked about a give-a-way for Prom night. CVS is going to Franklin to present at an assembly on prescription drugs. They asked for the Coalition to collaborate on this.
  • Dominica represented the Coalition at a Mocktail Party at Schoolcraft on March 10th.
  • Karen attended an event called The Silent Killer on March 16th. Lauren Rousseau organized this. The author of the book Dreamland He was very good and the information was valuable.
  • On March 21st and 22nd Karen and David presented at the Family Life event at St. Aidans.

Ongoing Planning

  • Community Forum- On April 19th a group is bringing about 40 people. The Romulus Court is also sending people. The Forum will probably need to move back to the auditorium at St. Mary’s to provide more space. We are now planning on continuing through the summer except for July. There is also a website now available.
  • Marijuana Community Awareness- a committee has been formed. The goal is to put on a community info event. Their next meeting is April 20th. The Free Press did a survey on marijuana legalization. Found that if it gets on the ballot 53% would vote yes. Article with more info was included in our packet. We want to develop a survey on marijuana legalization for our local community –perhaps on-line with google.

New Business & Upcoming Activities

  • Run to Save Our Youth – sponsor letters went out to 100 businesses and organizations. A volunteer coordinator is needed.
  • Faith Based Community Outreach – A committee has been organized comprised of Diane, Karen and Meg.
  • Madonna is holding an Alcohol Awareness week. Flyer in our packet. Multiple events all week. Kaleen reported on this.
  • Went over other flyers in our packets on upcoming events

Community Reporting

  • Al reported drug box will be put back when lobby is finished. Need to look at the guidelines for this. Is it on the LPD website?
  • Marseille informed of us about Bill 298 which is trying to privatize mental health. This may affect funding for coalitions.