August 2017 Meeting Minutes

Livonia Save Our Youth Coalition
General Meeting Minutes
August 2, 2017

In attendance: Jerry Kwas, Michaeline Raczka, Ron Warra, John Grzebik, Diane Montes, Kaleen Snowden, Mary Olex, Amanda Holm, Meg Venn, Alex Black, Shanel Bishop, Nancy Radzwion

LSOY Staff:  Karen Bonanno, Shari Davidek

  • Jerry made the motion to approve the minutes from the June 2017 General Meeting. John seconded the motion. The minutes were unanimously approved.
  • Amanda Holm from the Detroit Wayne Tobacco-Free Coalition presented to the group. She talked about the current tobacco trends of young people. Hookah, e-cigarettes and vaping are more popular than regular cigarettes. She talked about second-hand smoke, third-hand smoke and how kids and pets are exposed. Amanda described each of the “newer” types of tobacco consumption, talked about social and safety concerns, advertising and marketing to kids and available resources for info and for quitting. Many statistics were presented. A printed power point was distributed.

Coalition Update

  • Contract documents for FY2017 have been submitted
  • We will be meeting with Maria tonight to set up a plan and timeline for our new branding plan with our logo.

Updates – Old Business

  • June 10th was Run 2 Save Our Youth! The official financial forms will be available in September. We had about 20 sponsors, totaling about $4,000. The raffle brought in about $650. We had 233 runners total. 40 of them were city employees and there were 9 teams. We will advertise more to families next year.
  • June 17th – Passport to Safety. Shari and Juliana split the time there and had a great turnout at their table! Kids and parents were very interested in our presentation and asked several questions.
  • Livonia Spree – June 19th – 25th. We bought a sponsorship and our logo was represented in several places! Thanks to John Grzebik for all of his leg work and help to make sure LSOY was represented!
  • June 23rd – Wayne County Tobacco-Free Coalition – Call-in meeting. Shari attended.
  • June 29th – Human Trafficking Awareness at Growth Works. Shari and Juliana attended.
  • July 11th – Michigan Prevention Association – Marijuana Awareness Advocacy, Call-in meeting.
  • July 18th – Livonia Marketing Meeting at City Hall. Shari attended.

Ongoing Planning

  • Addiction: What You Need to Know and What You Can Do – Will resume September 5th. We are planning to do a church/therapist flyer mailing in the St. Mary’s catchment are near August 28th. We would like to add preschools, physicians and dentists as well.
  • Marijuana Awareness Campaign Committee – New members are welcome! A Michigan Association for Local Police Health Report (MALPH): The Public Health Impact of the Legalization of Marijuana was distributed.

New Business

  • August 9th – Livonia City Council Meeting. One consent agenda item is a request to permit the operation of a medical marijuana business. (Included) City Councilwoman Cathy White, Diane Montes and Livonia Police Chief Caid spoke against it at the study agenda meeting on July 24th. Friday Musings called out the City Council as being wrong (Bill Joyner is an advocate of medical marijuana.) Karen will send Bill a copy of the MALPH report so he has some data to help educate him on our position.
  • Naloxone in pharmacies – visit the website for more information.
  • High school athletes/parents addiction/opioid awareness planning committee. Karen, Shari and Brian Spitsbergen met with Dr. Linda Cox, an ER physician from St. Mary’s (Alex Chehab from Livonia Family Pharmacy is also helping us with this.) They will team up to create a presentation to athletes/parents at the “Meet the Team” meetings to raise awareness about alternate pain relieving methods rather than prescription opioids.
  • Med box update – Ron said it is being discussed and worked on at the police station.
  • School is starting (yikes!) in a month and we will be setting up tables at each high school and middle school open house. Looking for volunteers to help us cover these. Karen is going to contact the principals at the upper elementary schools to see if we can attend their open houses.

Community Reporting

  • Prevention in the news
  • Michigan Tobacco Quitline update (letter included)
  • August 7th – Interfaith Based SUD Conference at Burton Manor 8 am – 4 pm. Karen and Shari will attend sessions as well as set up a vendor table, including the Franklin students’ photos.
  • August 7th – FAN Meeting 6:30 pm Drug Addiction: What It is and Why is Recovery is So Difficult (flyer included)
  • August 12th – Brian Montes Gold Outing (flyer included)
  • August 19th – Backpack Distribution at Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church 10 am – noon (flyer included)
  • August 26th – Walk like MADD at Rochester Municipal Park 10 am – 1 pm (flyer included)
  • August 31st – International Overdose Awareness Day at Heritage Park in Canton, NW Wayne FAN Group (flyer included)

Next Meeting September 6, 2017
9-11 am
Livonia City Hall Annex Meeting Room