August 2019 Meeting Minutes

Livonia Save Our Youth Coalition
General Meeting Minutes
August 2019

In attendance:  Jerry Kwas, Kelly Younce, Sue Carpenter, Meg Venn, Golfo Wernette, Diane Webb, Diane Montes, Officer Owen Keaton, Officer John Camerotta

LSOY Staff:  Karen Bonanno

Welcome – Introductions – Safety Instructions

Approve Meeting Minutes – Kelly Y. moved to approve the minutes.  Meg V. seconded the motion.  Unanimously approved.

Community Reporting

  • Discussion about the wonderful example of SROs in our schools
  • Michigan is working on vaping laws but it is currently a school issue when school is involved
  • Hegira Prevention is developing a vaping cessation program
  • A new teacher at Franklin is considering developing a SADD group

Coalition Update

  • Local resources will be on the back of the meeting agenda each month.
  • Most popular resources at events have been “How to Quit Vaping” and “How to Quit Marijuana”.
  • We are currently seeking a Program Coordinator with a prevention background to help prepare us for application for the Drug Free Communities grant in 2020.
  • DWMHA paperwork was turned in for our FY 19-20 grant.

Updates – Old Business

  • St. Mary Mercy Hospital’s program to provide resources to anyone presenting with SUD issues has an 80% success rate but it is primarily for opioid abuse.

Ongoing Planning

New Business

  • Kratom and Etizolam synthetic abuse is still somewhat under the radar but becoming more prevalent.  It is sold in capsules or vials marked potpourri and is unregulated.  It is available in smoke shops and can cause psychotic incidents.
  • Results of the Livonia primary election were discussed.  We have great support in local government regardless of who wins the election.
  • Brian Spitzenberger has left Growthworks and is now working at Wellspring Lutheran and is developing a recovery high school.
  • Evaluations from our 18-19 Addiction Series are encouraging.  Wayne County Commissioner Diane Webb will share the information for the new season in her newsletter.
  • 06Aug – Recipients Rights Advisory Board Meeting, St. Mary Mercy Livonia
  • 06Aug – New Website Brainstorm Session
  • 21Aug – Livonia Chamber of Commerce Membership Blitz
  • 23Aug – Paid Email Advertising – Addiction Forum – Livonia Chamber Membership benefit
  • 27Aug – Speaking Engagement – Livonia Public School Health Teachers, Current Trends
  • Fall Programming – sign up sheet was passed around.  Will be doing tailgates at Stevenson and Clarenceville
  • Sponsorship High School Athletics Fall Program – we will be advertising in Churchill and Franklin sports programs