December 2014 Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Nancy Radzwion, Sue Nicholas, Caryn Epps, Dan McCully, Jerry Kwas, Bob Douville, Diane Montes, John Tait, Meg and Tom Venn, Karen Bonanno, Mary Olex

Read and approved the minutes

Old Business

  • Update on LSOY job opening. Two candidates with certification were found through Indeed a Michigan non-profit Monster. We are going to post on some other sites. Karen may be able to get provisional certification.
  • Blessings in a Backpack starting in January at one school. They raised $10,000 a bowling fundraiser.
  • Ford Foundation – We received a $1,000 through the City of Livonia. Mayor talked about LSOY at City Council Meeting where money was presented.
  • CHS Distracted Driving Assembly – The coalition approved a $1,000 donation to help support this.
  • High School Updates- The Ladywood group went a Kiwanis meeting. They are a very active group looking to work with younger children.
  • Webpage is continuing to update. It is now a law that parents can commit their adult child when necessary. May want to make a link on this on our website.
  • Mary Community Health Needs Assessment Results – Karen will attend this in January.
  • Burning Issues Conference – Karen attended this, but didn’t get much out of it.
  • Run 2 Save Our Youth will probably be held on City Hall property.

New Business

  • MADD Tie one on for Safety – Will be held Thursday December 4. LSOY has been asked to have a table at this. We were given a flyer with additional information.
  • Wild Game Dinner – LSOY has been asked to have a table at this. It is on Friday, January 23rd.
  • Campaign for Tobacco – Free Kids –There is an on-line campaign on this. We were given a flyer with additional details.

Community Reporting

  • Diane related that Grieving Families are still meeting. There are 3 new families coming next week.
  • Karen saw a flyer on the drug drop box in her doctor’s office.
  • National Drugs Facts week is the last week of January.
  • Dan is going back on patrol and will no longer be our rep. Al Clemens will be his replacement as of 2-1-15.

Next Meeting is Wednesday, February 4, 2015 6:00 to 8:00 PM