December 2015 Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Karen Bonanno,  John Grzebik, David Schuit, Kaleen Snowdon, Jerry Kwas, Susan Nicholas, Rich Gibson, Bob Douville, Alan Clemens, Maria Gosur, Golfo Tellos, Tom Venn, Meg Venn, Nancy Donahue, Jakelyn Jarois, Mary Olex

Minutes were approved by Bob and Tom

Coalition Update

  • Board of Directors held a special session On November 16th regarding our tax exempt status. Bob and Sue are working on filing the papers for renewing this.
  • Board of Directors meetings have been set for 2016- 1/18, 3/21, 6/20, and 10/17.
  • Caroline has been organizing our resources.

Old Business

  • On November 3rd Karen spoke at a Civil Air Patrol meeting. She talked to the high school students about having a plan to stay healthy and safe.
  • On November 8th a Youth Ministry event was held at St. Genevieve. Karen, Kaleen, Al, Leah Patterson, Brian, Jakalyn and Caroline presented . Only 4 students attended.
  • Bob attended a Burning Issues Conference on November 17th. This was put on by the Michigan Prevention Network. There were two sessions offered on marijuana. In the afternoon an activist from Maryland talked on issues and how they get on the ballot. There is a group in Michigan meeting on this issue. They are very enthusiastic. Shared info on states which have legalized marijuana. Bob said it was a very good conference.

Ongoing Planning

  • The Community Forum is continuing. A flyer was given out with December topics. They have been relocated in a smaller space at St. Mary’s Hospital. Numbers are low, but those coming have been seeking help.
  • Volunteers are needed for December 8th & 15th.
  • Next committee update will be December 11th at St. Mary’s Hospital.

New Business & Upcoming Activities

  • An initial planning meeting was held on November 20th on Marijuana Awareness with Growth Works and St. Mary’s. A committee will be organized in January of 2016.
  • Run to Save Our Youth will be held on June 4th. registration will start January 1st. Sponsor letter mailing will be week of January 11th. Volunteers are needed. Also seeking raffle items.
  • A flyer was given out on Evening of Thoughtfulness and Thanks being put on by the Center for Urban Youth & Family. This will be held on December 9th.
  • An information packet was given out on Mark Lundholm in Detroit. This will be held on December 17th through the 19th. Jackie has been to some of his shows and says he is very good.
  • On January 22nd the CDS Foundation Wild Game Dinner will be held. A packet of information was given out on this. The Coalition will have a table there. Tickets will be available at the January LSOY meeting.

Community Reporting

  • SAMSHSA asked if we would share information on a campaign they started – #We Talked Underage Drinking. Karen gave out sheet with information on this.