December 2016 Meeting Minutes

Livonia Save Our Youth Coalition
Monthly Meeting Minutes – December 06, 2016

In attendance: Mary Olex, Diane Montes, Karla Truxall, Nancy Donahue, Marceille Arbuckle, Golfo Tielos, John Grzebik, Kelly Younce, Jerry Kwas, Tom Venn, Meg Venn, Nancy Radzwion, David Schuett, Ron Warda, Karen Bonanno, Shari Davidek

Tom Venn made the motion to approve the minutes from the November meeting. Diane Montes seconded the motion. The minutes were unanimously approved.

Shari Davidek, the new LSOYC Program Director, was introduced. Each person introduced themselves and gave a brief explanation about their connection to the coalition.

Diane put out a request for gently used books from preschool age up to 8th grade for Brian’s Foundation book depositories.

Karla Truxall gave us dates for two upcoming events with SPN Suvivors. March for Hope will be in the Spring…haven’t decided if it will be a 5K run/walk, a fitness event or a dance-a-thon. You Matter Day will be September 28th. It is a day for reaching out to be kind and to let people know they matter.

Coalition Update

Shari told us about Taking Action for Friends, Family and Youth (TAFFY) and organization she is involved with. A group of friends and family created the charity to raise money to help local people facing financial hardship for a myriad of reasons.

Run 2 Save Our Youth is slated for Saturday, June 10th, 2017. It would be beneficial to open registration ASAP and offer an early-bird discount. We need to generate more participants.

Passport to Safety will take place on Saturday, June 17th, 2017.

Karen discussed the possibility of setting up an information table at the Livonia Spree in June. John Grzebik is a member of the Spree Committee and will check into that for us.

Updates – Old Business

Clarenceville Parent Meeting – Karen reported that the same five parents from last year were also there this year. She passed out a booklet with relevant resources and showed the parents a photo book she created about vaping. The principal thought it would be beneficial to address the parent/sports meeting group.

Burning Issues Conference – Coalitions from across the state gather for a day of networking, sharing resources and skill building. Some of the issues included people not being concerned with recreational drug use and more women drinking beer with the rise in popularity of craft beers.

St. Mary’s Community Health Needs Assessment Quarterly – We need to make sure that prevention stays on the radar. It would be great to get people more interested in this group.

Redford Youth Commission – We were invited to the RYBC meeting. They would like to partner with LSOYC so we can collaborate and take our message out there. Need to discuss where we can go.

Claire Walker – She is a student working on her Master’s Degree. One of her projects included creating signs with facts about underage drinking. They will be placed above the bathroom sinks at Franklin High School by the Fall of 2017. The goal is to have four rotating messages.

Board Meeting – LSOYC hired a Program Coordinator, Shari Davidek. Two people were invited to join our board. Our 501(c)3 status has lapsed. Karen has finished the paperwork and she will go over this with Bob and have it sent to the state by the end of December. We plan to get our financial ducks in a row!

Ongoing Planning

Substance Abuse: What You Need to Know and What You Can do – an educational series. An informational flyer was included in the packet. Nine people attended in November. Two testimonials have come out of this series:

  1. One couple said their son, after attending the series, was making better choices.
  2. Another couple said their daughter is now in recovery, influenced by the info learned at the event.

Marketing – We’ll be using Facebook, Twitter and other social media for marketing and advertising. Checking into the Livonia cable channel about having a show about drug use/abuse. We have an article in the Livonia Today magazine. Would like to be in the city newsletter as well as The Redford Connector. We will write a press release for the Livonia Observer.

The Surgeon General’s Report came out recently. Each person will get a copy of the summary. Karen was featured on WWJ Newsradio 950 about what is being done in the communities. Insurance companies need to change how they address addicts. They also need to look at the big picture – mental health and trauma are closely related to drug use.

Marijuana Community Awareness/Education – meeting TBA 2017. We would like to create a 3-5 question survey. Which questions should we ask? The student summit will help us come up with a campaign.

Claire Walker also came up with “The Green Bean Campaign.” What it means is, “If your friend had a green bean problem and was eating a 12 pack of green beans a day, you would say something to them right? Why not for drugs or alcohol?” We could modify this for age groups and make it fun and informative.

New Business

The Good Samaritan Law 2016 – or
Education, then Addiction & Recovery link has a printable flyer to post, included in meeting packet.

The January meeting ONLY has been changed to the 2nd Wednesday because school is still out on break on the 1st Wednesday.

Community Reporting

Next Meeting: Wednesday, January 11, 2016
9:00 – 11:00 am