February 2015 Meeting Minutes

In attendance:  Kaleen Snowdon, David Schuit, Alyssa Abbate, John Grzebik, Al  Clemens, Mary Olex, Tom Venn, Meg Venn, Jerry Kwas, Richard Asztalos, Bob Douville, Katie Campbell, Karen Bonanno, Michelle Legleitner, Natalie Reeves, Carie Schmidtke, Michele Bracy, Brian Spitsbergen, Gloria Gonek

Read and approved the minutes.

Old Business

  • Karen has been moved into a new position as our director. Martha is in the process of being hired. Now we need to focus on getting organized and pursuing the DFC grant.
  • Run 2 Save Our Youth will be held on June 6th. Change of venue to City Hall and time – 8:30 AM. We will have registrations out next week. We still need to get course certified. We do have someone to do the timing. Considering not having teams and team t-shirts.
  • Karen attended Churchill’s SADD and Franklin’s SLS groups. Churchill will be having an assembly on distracted driving on 2-27. Juniors and seniors will attend and then be able to use a simulator showing the effects of distracted driving. This is being put on by their SADD group. Franklin’s SLS group had a drug facts week.
  • Schoolcraft College held an event – Wellness for Success on 1-28. It was well attended. Several events are planned – Actively Moving Forward with Grief, Eating Disorder Awareness and The Hook-Up. Flyers were given out on each of these.
  • The CDS Wild Game Dinner was very successful with 900 people in attendance. They raised $90,000. They are opening their transition home this month. They are still in need of a house manager.
  • Anonymous People Recovery movie is out. It is also available on Youtube.

New Business

  • Brian from Growth Works would like to get more involved here. Start something where people have somewhere to go for resources and get questions answered.
  • Discussed whether we should renew our Task Force domain name. Suggested we look at how many hits it gets.
  • John G. is looking into updating and distributing a Resource Guide. Perhaps something small like a magnet.
  • Marijuana –Our Kids and Communities an event being held March 18th in Clinton Twp. It will focus on what is happening to kids in Colorado. A flyer was given with more information.
  • Karen will be attending the Tall Cop Says Stop on February 10th. Flyer was included.
  • Human Trafficking Awareness event will be held February 23rd. There is a lot of this going on. Flyer was included. Karen is planning on attending this.
  • Other flyers given out were on Dawn Farm’s program : Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention. MDCH Data on Prescription Drug Related Mortality Among MI Residents.
  • Karen shared a Grand Haven Tribune article relating a CMI Abasto Treatment. Karen met these people at the Anonymous event. Thought they might make a good speaker for one of our meetings.

Next Meeting is Wednesday, March 4, 2015   9-11 am