February 2018 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Livonia Save Our Youth Coalition
Board of Directors – Meeting Minutes – February 26, 2018

Roll Call

Members present:  Bob Douville, Caryn McCarthy Epps, Diane Montes, Mary Olex, Jerry Kwas, Jason Schwartz and Mark Menestrina

Coalition Employees: Karen Bonanno, Shari Davidek

Review and approve minutes from November 13, 2017 meeting

Mary Olex requested to change MIKE Menestrina to MARK.  Bob Douville made a motion to approve minutes, Mark Menestrina seconded the motion. Passed unanimously.


Coalition Update

  • Livonia Chamber of Commerce board meetings – Karen has attended two and the members are very happy to have the Coalition as part of the board.
  • Scripps interview – Channel 7 will be putting together a commercial at the request of DWMHA. Karen Bonanno will represent the Coalition and will talk about underage drinking.
  • HOSA/Opioid project – the high school students have had assemblies at Stevenson High School for the health classes, the Livonia Career Tech Center, a Stevenson basketball game and a Stevenson/Churchill hockey game.
  • Livonia Public Schools – There is a realization of the opioid and vaping issues. They would like to learn as much as they can and are trying to figure out how to approach the subject the right way. We are ready to help when they are ready for us. Sheryl Archibald is our contact person. Vaping 101 has been developed from Drugs 101, so we have suggested that LPS host and LSOY will pay for it.


Treasurer’s Report

  • Bob handed out a nine-page report. He presented the balance sheet which had our account at $9,682.81. He also showed us the profits and losses from January 2017 – December 2017. We should start looking into grants to cover expenses and salaries. Karen and Shari are still planning to go to the grant library in Farmington. Small grants will be a starting point for specific projects.
  • Diane suggested we put together a fundraising committee.


Old Business

  • Branding update – Maria Gosur has a prototype of our new website. She has been attending our general meetings and has noticed the sense of community and wants to incorporate that, among other things, into our brand. We are working on a tagline for the Coalition. We will be using a short, three-word tagline. We will use advocate and educate. Karen also had “engage” but Maria thought it should be better with a “cate” ending word. Communicate was suggested.
  • Karen has put together a proto-type of a folder and contents to give to volunteers or others who want to know about our Coalition. We would also like to put together an annual report.
  • Updated by-laws – Bob Douville made the motion to approve the by-laws as amended, Caryn Epps seconded. Passed unanimously. One change was from Article III, Section 1 to change PROGRAM MANAGER to EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR as the person in charge of day-to-day operations. The second change was to reduce the number of board meetings from four times per year to three. The third change was from Article VI in the last paragraph; date is changed from April 20, 2010 to February 26, 2018. The board members voted on officers. Jason Schwartz nominated Bob Douville for Treasurer, Mark Menestrina seconded the motion. Bob Douville nominated Jerry Kwas for President, Mark Menestrina seconded the motion. Bob Douville nominated Mary Olex for Secretary, Mark Menestrina seconded the motion. All board members were in favor of each executive position.
  • Marijuana Awareness Committee – Karen and Shari take turns attending MPA meetings in Lansing. Two of the things we planned to work on at the next meeting: develop a mission/goal and to create a three to five question survey, BUT we were given a gift from Wayne State…a survey on addiction! They are grateful we will be using it to help their outcomes. We will send out via email and/or Facebook.
  • Updated MOU – The board members updated their MOU’s and they will now last for two years.


New Business

  • Brian Montes Award – suggestions for recipients: HOSA students/Career Center; Maria Gosur; John Grzebik
  • Rx Disposal awareness campaign – Karen added a “flushable list” created by the FDA. Bob will check out the water report in Ann Arbor to see what it says about flushable. The reasoning for flushing appears to be to get rid of certain medicines from the home to avoid accidental overdose. Mark feels that the chemicals were doing something to the fish in the lakes and rivers. He will check on that. Karen will check out what the State of Michigan says.
  • Community Health Needs Assessment – Nutrition, physical activity, substance abuse/mental health and access to care are the identified issues in Livonia.
  • Healthy Livonia – The annual report is included. This group is made up of several groups including the Rec Center, Livonia City Council, St. Mary Mercy Livonia, Chamber of Commerce and City of Livonia. We will eventually be part of that committee.
  • Run 2 Save Our Youth – Registration and sponsorship sheets are included. Karen also listed what is new this year for the Run. We will be raffling off four Cedar Point tickets, registration is a flat fee, 10K was discontinued, raffle discontinued, enhanced Kids’ Fun Run, extended packet pick-up on Friday.
  • St Mary Mercy Livonia is suggesting that we combine their run, our run, Madonna’s run and the Livonia Turkey Trot into one run that reflects our missions. The run would be the Healthy Livonia run. Another suggestion is two runs during the year or you get something for participating in all four runs. There are many questions to ponder!