February 2018 Meeting Minutes


Livonia Save Our Youth Coalition
Meeting Minutes

General Meeting, February 07, 2018

Members present:  Jerry Kwas, Joh Grzebik, Michaeline Raczka, Nancy Radzwion, Lindy Tomaovich, Rachel Tomanovich, Linda Cox, Maria Gosur, Meg Venn, Tom Venn

Coalition Employees: Karen Bonanno

Review and approve minutes

Coalition Update

  • Board of Directors meeting February 26
  • Healthy Livonia – Michaeline Raczka explained the vision and process of this new initiative between SMML, City of Livonia, LPD and LPS. The involvement of LSOY to be determined.

Old Business

  • 26Jan – Livonia Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors meeting attended by Karen
  • 26Jan – LSOY hosted resource table at CDS Foundation annual fund raiser Wild Game Dinner
  • 26Jan – Karen attended premier of People Like Me, Madonna University student-written and produced movie, eating disorder was story line of movie.


  1. Ongoing Planning
  • Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) – Michaeline Raczka update: Survey to community defined four needs: Nutrition/healthy eating, Physical activity, Mental health/substance abuse, Access to care. Meg suggested information regarding care givers be included in CHNA. Linda advised SMML has care giver resources available, Michelle Moccia is the contact person.
  • Addiction: What you need to know and what you can do, February participation: 12
  • Marijuana Campaign Committee – LSOY collaborated with Wayne State University for Livonia-specific perception and attitudes survey; next meeting 19Feb
  • What are they.  Update:  08Feb-Assembly for all Livonia Career Tech Students, 13Feb-Resource table and PSA Livonia Stevenson basketball game, 14Feb-Resource table and PSA Livonia Stevenson vs. Churchill hockey game
  • Run 2 Save Our Youth – Registration open, sponsor letters being organized, meeting for planning committee tba


New Business

  • MADD Crime Victim’s Rights Week T-shirt design contest, LSOY sponsoring
  • Events and activities scheduled in Feb: MPA meeting in Lansing, New School High Open House, Recipient Rights Advisory Board Meeting-SMML, CHNA work group session, NW Wayne County FAN Pubic Forum, LPD Rx Disposal Weekend, Queen of the Court SPN Survivors Network fundraiser

Community Reporting

  • John G. mentioned a relevant article in the Livonia Observer
  • The current trend of teenagers eating Tide Pod laundry detergent was discussed
  • Report from Lindy that fruit-shaped candy laced with drugs present at middle schools