January 2015 Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Alex Lopez, Sue Nicholas, Michelle Legleitner, Dan McCully, Jerry Kwas, Bob Douville, Richard Asztalox, Meg  Venn, Mark Menestrina, Al Clemens, John Grzebik,  Karen Bonanno, Mary Olex, Jan Wilson, Jordan Cumbo, Evan Cumbo

Read and approved the minutes

  • Karen reported that Clarenceville had 11 students on Cloud 9 one of whom was taken to the hospital. Mark will be at their conferences tomorrow night to talk to parents.
  • Alex Lopez spoke to us of her problems with an eating disorder and how she has worked at overcoming them. She would like to a fundraiser for the National Eating Disorders Association. She would like to start a support and awareness group at Churchill. She also informed us that there would be a walk in Ann Arbor on March 15th for the NEDA. We have offered her support in these matters.
  • Blessings in Backpack – Jan Wilson gave us an update on this program. They have started with Garfield school this month. They filled 47 backpacks for children to take home on the weekends. Meijer’s is providing the food items. They can use help filling the backpacks on Tuesday at Bethel Baptist Church. They hope to start another school in the fall. They have a FB page as well as a website for more info.

Old Business

  • Update on LSOY job opening – still have not hired anyone. Karen will not be able to get provisional certification. Board will meet to discuss next steps.
  • High School Updates – Karen will be visiting the high school SADD groups.
  • MADD Event – Tie One On For Safety Schoolcraft. A victim speaker & The Observer present
  • Mary Community Health Needs Assessment Results – these were included in our packet.

New Business

  • Richard talked to us about the upcoming Wild Game Dinner to be held Jan. 23. A flyer was included in our packet with additional information. He also reported that opening transitional housing in February. They are looking for a House Manager.
  • Schoolcraft College Mental Health Awareness Day will be held on Jan. 28th from 10 – 2. Karen and Alex will attend.
  • Churchill will be holding a distracted driving assembly in February – not sure of date yet. LSOY will have a table there.
  • Tall Cop – a flyer was given out on these talks and dates they will be held. It is geared towards educators, coalitions, health providers, counselors and parents.
  • A flyer was given out on Families Against Narcotics (FAN). Their meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of the month.
  • The committee for Run to Save Our Youth meeting will be held today. The run will be held City Hall property.

Community Reporting

Bob talked about people are drinking vanilla, orange or peppermint extract for its high alcohol content.

Sue mentioned that the last week of January is National Drug Facts Week. We should send info out on this to the schools.

Next Meeting is Wednesday, March 4, 2015   9 – 11 AM