January 2016 Meeting Minutes

January 18th, 2016

In attendance: Karen Bonanno, Jerry Kwas, Jason Schwartz, Bob Douville, John Tait, Caryn Epps, Diane Montes, Mary Olex

Minutes were approved by Jason and Bob.

Role of Board of Directors: Board of Directors should run the board meetings. Jerry would meet with Karen to form an agenda. It would then be sent to the secretary, who would send it out with the previous meeting minutes. She would ask if there are any other items that should be added to the agenda. Jason related how boards he works with operate. Decided we will try these new methods for our next meeting.

Treasurers Report: There is no monthly report this month. We have acquired a bookkeeper who will enter all the info into quick books for the last several years. Then he will train Karen on using it.

Bob reported on our finances – checking and savings. We will need to file past tax forms and then fill out forms for tax exempt status.

Monthly/Program budget will be given out each month once quick books is up and running.

Authority required a Duns #. This was holding up our grant money, but it has been taken care of.

New Business: Martha is now gone. Karen is close to getting her MCBAP certification.  A deadline was put on Karen to have this info put together by our next board meeting. We will hold on replacing Martha until our needs are better known.

Old Business: Site visit corrective actions needs still need to be done. Bob and Caryn will work on this. Regarding an employee evaluation Jason will send us a form we could use.

LSOY Event Update: Karen suggests David Schuitt for the Brian Montes Memorial Award.

Community Forum is going well.

Brian, Amber and Karen are working on a Marijuana Community Awareness program.

Brian is trying to bring an Opiod Program to this area. It would be similar to one used in Goucester, MA.

Donations came in from Ladywood and the Knights of Columbus from Our Lady of Victory.