January 2017 Meeting Minutes

Livonia Save Our Youth Coalition
General Meeting Minutes
January 11, 2017

In attendance: Jaki Jarois, Kelly Younce, Jerry Kwas, Meg Venn, John Grzebik, Anthony Bracey, Caryn McCarthy Epps, Jodi White, Karen Bonanno, Shari Davidek

Jerry Kwas made the motion to approve the minutes from the December 2016 General Meeting. John Grzebik seconded the motion. The minutes were unanimously approved.

Karen Bonanno brought up that we need to focus more on the topic of addiction. We have information on marijuana, prescription drugs, heroin, alcohol, etc. Addiction is the root of the problem with drugs and alcohol. As a coalition, we need to focus on educating people on addiction. There is a link to the surgeon general’s report on alcohol, drugs and health on the coalition’s Facebook page.

Coalition Update

  • Nancy Donahue is our new board member! There will be a Board of Directors meeting on January 23rd to approve her. Welcome Nancy!
  • The 501(c)3 status had lapsed, but Bob Douville got the paperwork up to date, Karen and Jerry reviewed it all and the paperwork was filed in December with the IRS to be reinstated.
  • DWMHA has asked us to create a new strategic plan. We can use our current one as a guideline. We are hoping to have that done shortly.

Updates – Old Business

  • Nothing to report!

Ongoing Planning

  • Community Forum – Substance Abuse: What you need to know and what you can do: Brian Spitsbergen from Growth Works is the facilitator. We have a classroom donated by St. Mary Mercy Hospital and the class takes place the first three Tuesdays of the month from 7 pm – 8:30 pm on the fourth floor in classroom 11 (use South parking lot.) We would like to market this a bit more to encourage more participants.
  • Marijuana Community Awareness/Education Committee – Recreational marijuana is slated to be on the ballot in November 2018. First thing to do is have a community-wide survey…what do they think about marijuana (Spring 2017)? Second, hold a student summit to get their views and develop a campaign (Summer, Fall 2017). Third, execute the campaign so that the community is informed on marijuana use before they vote (Spring, Summer, Fall 2018).
  • Fall newsletter – effective immediately, we are switching to a quarterly newsletter! The Winter newsletter will be out in late January or early February. Spring will be out in late April, early May. Summer will be out late July, early August. Fall will be out late October, early November.

New Business

  • Run 2 Save Our Youth is slated for Saturday, June 10th, 2017.
  • com registration is open! The paper documents and sponsor packets will be available the week of January 16th.
  • We have our first sponsor already! Applied Modern Health Chiropractic in Livonia!
  • Sponsors and volunteers will be organized early.
  • We want to keep much of the run local…a local band, local bounce house company, etc.
  • Passport to Safety is slated for Saturday, June 17th, 2017. Karen and Shari will be attending a planning committee meeting on January 12th. LSOY manages the poison safety tent.
  • Coalition Focus for 2017:
  • Short term: Addiction, current drug trends, human trafficking, domestic violence, dating violence
  • Long term: Marijuana awareness campaign, continue working with the community toward policy change (law enforcement, schools, St. Mary’s)
  • Continued community connections to raise awareness and educate regarding relevant issues and what residents can do.
  • Upcoming Events
  • January 12th – Healthy Partners, 8:30 – 10:30 am at Madonna School of Nursing, 36200 Levan, Room 145
  • January 12th – “If you see it, say it” – 11:00 am at Livonia City Hall Auditorium (regarding human trafficking)
  • January 19th – Networking, brainstorming session regarding communicating Livonia events and issues, 7:00 pm at the office of Cole, Newton, Duran – organized by Friday
  • Musings (Facebook – Bill Joyner)
  • January 31st – Building and Supporting Resilience in Our Children – noon – 1:00 pm (Kids-TALK)
  • Resources and Enclosures in Meeting Packet
  • Addiction pamphlet
  • Missing – Danielle Stislicki
  • Red Sand Project – Madonna Human Trafficking Group – You Tube, Molly Gochman
  • org – End domestic violence and sexual assault
  • Haven Survivor Speaker’s Bureau
  • Human Trafficking Resource Center
  • Good Samaritan Law
  • Community Reporting
  • Hair salons are training their staff to look for signs of domestic abuse and they are allowed to give out information to clients who show signs of abuse
  • Angel Drink – women are able to order specific drinks to signal a bartender if they need help…if they are uncomfortable, if they need an escort to their car, if they need the police.
  • Jodi White would like to volunteer more.
  • Caryn McCarthy-Epps is excited to collaborate with us on different projects with her new job at Michigan Rehabilitation Services!
  • Jerry asked about the Wild Game Dinner – we have not been invited to participate this year. New leadership. We will wait for an invite rather than ask. But we will send them a run packet!
  • Kelly asked about the community forum – concern that it was ending – but it isn’t – we are following the school calendar year and no meetings in June, July and August.
  • Anthony would like his children to get involved. And he would like to help with the walk/run. Anthony has a tutoring program that he needs volunteers for. He is hoping to use a church on Seven Mile in Redford where they have a program and he may be taking that over. He would like to take it to other churches.
  • Jaki is very busy with school and work but will help and show up wherever and whenever she is able!

Next Meeting February 1st, 2017 – 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Livonia City Hall Annex Conference Room