June 2015 Meeting Minutes

Read and approved the minutes.

Coalition Update

  • Board Meeting to be held on June 15th.
  • The Brian Montes Memorial award will be given to Kaleen Snowdon this year.
  • At the DWMHA meeting Karen found out that all contracts are being extended one more year for the same amount.
  • Tino’s Farm is now officially open.

Old Business

  • Stevenson prom went great. Graduation and all night party all went well. There was a senior give away – a flower with a message attached.
  • Karen went to Teens Using Drugs. Only 4 parents attended.

Ongoing Planning

  • Community Forum –This open to anyone in the areara. Topics will be on a variety of issues. Committee meeting next week. Need to develop a name.
  • Passport To Safety will be held on June 13th. LSOY will have information and activities relating to smoking prevention and prescription meds. Kaleen and David will be doing this.
  • Run 2 Save Our Youth will be held on June 6th. Some sponsors changed level of donations. We have more sponsors this year, but collected a similar dollar amount. We still need help in various areas. Registrations are around 260 right now. The route is certified.

New Business & Upcoming Activities

  • Recovery information – Lauren Rouseau is an advocate for recovery. Like her on Face Book.
  • Marijuana Prevention Strategy Meeting will be held on June 8th. Bob may attend.
  • Flyer given out on the Rotary Run at the Spree. This will be held on June 28th.

Community Reporting

  • Bob shared about a group in Ann Arbor who meet once a week on recovery awareness.
  • Sally Peck from Citizens For Peace spoke on her group. All their summer meetings will focus on the Youth Promise Act.