June 2019 Meeting Minutes

Livonia Save Our Youth Coalition
General Meeting Minutes
June 5, 2019

In attendance:  Jerry Kwas, Tom Venn, Meg Venn, Kelly Younce, Matina Fabian, Officer Jim Vrooman, Kaleen Snowden, John Grzebik

LSOY Staff:  Karen Bonanno, Shari Davidek

Welcome/Introductions/Safety Instructions

Approve Meeting Minutes – Matina F. made the motion to approve the minutes. Tom V. seconded the motion. Unanimously approved.

Community Reporting

  • John G. gave some positive feedback regarding Run 2 Save Our Youth from the Livonia City Council and some of the council and mayoral candidates. He also informed us that marijuana grow houses in Livonia was an issue at the council meeting.
  • Protect Young Eyes, Defending Kids from Online Danger https://protectyoungeyes.com
  • NW Wayne FAN https://www.familiesagainstnarcotics.org/northwest-wayne Public forum, 1st Monday of each month – flyers available.
  • Three programs to get help – Western Wayne Recovery through LPD, SMML and Growth Works; Angel Program through Michigan State Police; Hope Not Handcuffs through Families Against Narcotics

Coalition Update

  • Staff update – Shari has taken a job with the Livonia Chamber. She start July 15th, 2019.
  • There were two 2019 Brian Montes award recipients. Tom and Meg Venn from Civil Air Patrol, who are longtime coalition members and supporters. The second went to Marena Maier and the Stevenson SADD group who host many prevention activities throughout the year.

Updates – Old Business

  • May 1 – Shari attended the Stevenson SADD meeting to recruit volunteers for the run and to find out what the coalition could partner with them on.
  • May 2 – Karen hosted a Narcan training at St. Edith Church. Fifteen people participated.
  • May 10 – Shari attended the Livonia Chamber Business Breakfast that kicked off the business expo. Two print journalists spoke to the group regarding Michigan roads, education and insurance reform.
  • May 15 – Monthly Livonia Chamber Ambassador meeting at M & M Home Care. Shari attended.
  • May 15 – The second Narcan training of the month was held at the LSOY office by Karen. Eight people attended.
  • May 16 – Karen and Shari attended the 3rd Annual Opioid Summitt. The coalition had a resource table.
  • May 19 – Karen spoke to a large group of parents at St. Aidan church about current drug trends and having a plan.
  • May 20 – Karen attended the Livonia YMCA board of advisors meeting.
  • May 21 – The Livonia Chamber Board of Directors held their monthly meeting in Lansing and were able to discuss the road issues with Governor Whitmer and other elected officials. Karen attended.
  • May 21 – The last Passport to Safety planning meeting was held at LPD. Shari attended…she and Juliana will represent the coalition at the event.
  • May 22 – FAN held an event called “A Closer Look” with Ken Daniels as the keynote speaker.
  • May 23 – Karen attended the Livonia Prayer Breakfast.
  • May 24 – Shari connected to the conference call meeting of the Detroit-Wayne Tobacco Coalition.
  • May 29 – Karen presented the Livonia Stevenson SADD group with the 2019 Brian Montes Award.
  • May 31 – Early packet pick-up for the run!
  • June 1 – Run 2 Save Our Youth!!!

Ongoing Planning

  • Run 2 Save Our Youth update:
  • Addiction: What You Need to Know and What You Can Do. May participation: 21. The series wrapped up for the summer and will begin again September 3, 2019.
  • Narcan (Naloxone) contact: Karen Bonanno kbonanno@livoniasaveouryouth.org or 734-338-9580.

New Business

  • June 8 – Passport to Safety – The coalition will run the Choking/Poisoning station.
  • June 11 – Wayne County Coalitions meeting
  • June 24 – YMCA Board of Advisors meeting
  • June 28 – Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Meeting
  • June 25 – 30 – Livonia Spree