June 2020 Meeting Minutes

Livonia Save Our Youth General Meeting Minutes
June 3, 2020

Participants– Carmen Ramos, Kevin Spizarny, Steve Boyak, Dara Cockrum, Vicky Loveland, Meg Venn, Tom
Venn, John Grzebik, Karra Thomas, Staff- Karen Bonanno & Nicole Danish

Motion to approve May general meeting minutes from Meg, Carmen Ramos-2nd – Approval unanimous.

Collation Update

Report from Karen Bonanno: We welcome a new staff member onto the Livonia Save Our Youth Team, Nicole Danish. Nicole is our new Program Coordinator! The first video for our new YouTube series, Todays Prevention Tips, was created. The goal is to get the YouTube channel up and running relatively soon. The first video was based on tips on how to properly dispose of prescription medication. The second video will be focused on teen smoking sensation; Nicole will be working on bringing that to life. Nicole is also currently working on a vaping survey that is targeting the middle and schoolers in the Livonia community. The goal of the survey is to get a feel on where the youth in our community stand on vaping. The collation is also currently working on Synar.

Ongoing planning: Our monthly news letter has been brought back to life! April’s newsletter focused on recovery support, May focused on treatment, and June will be based on the new programs that LSOY is currently working on. You can find our newsletter on our website or contact Karen for a copy.

Community Reporting:

  • Report from Kevin Spizarny: All Hegira Health services are done via phone or telehealth. Staff at Hegira are flexible & Hegira is also taking open intakes virtually and they can be scheduled the day of.
  • Report from Dara Cockrum: Families Against Narcotics meet the first Monday of every month, and meetings have been moved to the Zoom platform. Everyone is welcome to attend meetings. Meetings are meant to give support and education.
  • Report from Tom Venn: Tom participates in LSOY as part of his role as Drug Demand Reduction program for Livonia Civil Air Patrol.
  • Report from Meg Venn: Meg reminds us how much of a surreal world we are living in currently as she went to clean out her classroom, and the calendar was still on March.
  • Report from Steve Boyak: Steve has participated in 11/13 LSOY annual runs and is hopeful in the run being rescheduled this year so he can make it his 12th run.
  • Report from Vicky Loveland: Vicky is from the Monroe Country Substance Abuse coalition. The coalition proudly works closely with catholic charities to provide the community with resources.
  • Report from Carmen Ramos: Hegira prevention workers are keeping in touch with their schools and students. The staff have created multiple platforms to continue educating their students on prevention.
  • John Grzebik: John is part of the Spree board of directors and is also part of the Youth Commission.
  • Karra Thomas: Detroit Wayne Integrated Health is continuing their Naloxone virtual training.