March 2015 Meeting Minutes

In attendance: John Grzebik, Alan Clemens, Jerry Kwas, Susan Nicholas, Angel Harris, Richard Asztalos, Grace Modes, Martha Kaczala, Karen Bonanno, Keri Marsh, Michelle Legleitner, Jennifer Wakenell, Michele Bracy, Brian Spitsbergen, Mary Olex.

Read and approved the minutes.

Brian from Growth Works would like to get more involved here. He spoke to us about collaborating with the coalition to set up a meeting place for families where they can meet to get help. This would be a safe place to go in an anonymous way. They may partner with St. Mary’s on this. Perhaps add an educational element at some point.

Old Business

  • Karen is now our new director. Martha has been hired as our program manager. There will be a board meeting on March 9th.
  • Our site visit from our grant provider went very well. There were some compliant issues which need updating.
  • Run 2 Save Our Youth will be held on June 6th on City Hall grounds. Need to get sponsor packet out. It is out on Active. The route has been laid out but still needs to be finalized and certified.
  • Karen attended Tall Cop. It was well attended. Information was great on raising awareness of what is going on out there. We need to find ways to get this info to our families. Al is willing to work on something like this for our community.
  • High School Updates – Karen attended an event at Franklin. They had a speaker from First Step. This was geared to High School students (resource flyer was attached).
  • Churchill held a Distracted Driving Event. The mayor was there to make opening statements. 1st hour was a talk on the dangers with speakers who had been involved in this. Then Seniors and Juniors came down each hour to use a simulator showing driving distracted. There was a nice write-up in the Observer on this.
  • Karen included a list of upcoming campaigns for 2015.
  • Schoolcraft Events: Eating Disorder Awareness. There was a video showing people involved in this. About 12 people attended – mostly nursing students. Resource help was given out.
  • Hook-Up: Meeting for casual sex, usually results in violent actions. The event was to raise awareness and that there is a shared responsibility. They need to keep themselves safe. Well attended – about 60 people.
  • The Anonymous People Recovery is Out: There is a website – Faces and Voices of Recovery. We need to think about how we respond when people say they are in recovery. They need to feel accepted.

New Business

  • Marijuana Our Kids and Communities will be held March 13th in Clinton Twps. There was a flyer attached with more information.
  • Mocktails & a Shot of Reality improve will be held at Schoolcraft on March 16th. A flyer was included.
  • Livonia Public Schools will be holding a parent fair on March 24th at Stevenson. The topic is Parenting for Prevention. It will be presented as forum panels for various levels.
  • Jeff & Debra Jay will be holding and Intervention Workshop on April 21st at St. Joseph Mercy hospital in Ypsilanti. A flyer was included.

Community Reporting

  • Karen talked about a baseball player who put on twitter about how is daughter was attacked on twitter. He got the names of these people and actions were taken against them. We need to be more aware of the evils of twitter.
  • Sue reported on the Michigan Prevention Assoc. There will be event in Lansing on April 21st where you can meet with legislators. We should have a rep there to voice our issues. Martha told us about Senator coffee – another way to get our ideas to them. The Commissioner has these too. We need to get the word out on these.
  • Caryn attended Farmington’s SAFE on suicide prevention. It ws a very good presentation. Maplegrove a family support group 2 days a week. Ladywood is having an ice cream social to share stories.
  • Al is willing to speak to groups. He reported there is on average one heroin overdose a day in Livonia.
  • Angel said that MADD will have a run on August 22nd at the Detroit Zoo.
  • Richard spoke at a Plymouth Rotary meeting and shared LSOY info. They are still in need of a manager for their 6 bed facility.
  • Michelle from Heigera brought flyers on various programs they are offering for families and children.