March 2017 Meeting Minutes

Livonia Save Our Youth Coalition
General Meeting Minutes – March 1, 2017

In attendance: Ron Warra, Karla Truxall, Meg Venn, John Grzebik, Kaleen Snowden

LSOY Staff:  Karen Bonanno, Shari Davidek

Ron Warra made the motion to approve the minutes from the February 2017 General Meeting. John Grzebik seconded the motion. The minutes were unanimously approved.

Coalition Update

  • The DWMHA site visit is scheduled for March 20th. Our policies and procedures, by-laws, proof of background checks, copy of budget, etc. need to be in place according to our grant guidelines. Karen is working to get everything prepared. Karen and Shari need to research which trainings and certifications they both need.
  • Karen and Shari would like to research some additional grants.

Updates – Old Business

  • Taylor Town Hall on February 2nd – Regarding prescription medication abuse leading to heroin addiction. More than 250 people from the community attended. Karen attended…and has been pondering the idea of having one in Livonia on the same topic. She met with people at St. Mary’s and Brian Spitsbergen from Growth Works to see if they would be willing to collaborate. The decision was to pursue it. We would need to coordinate speakers, etc. More to come!
  • Livonia City Council February 8th, Livonia Tomorrow Initiative, neighborhood grants – There is an initiative for a common area for the community to gather. Nothing has been done yet, but things are being discussed. The city council will provide $5,000 grants to some neighborhoods for clean-up or beautification, gardens or other initiatives (not for block parties.)
  • Passport to Safety Meeting February 21st – Discussed changing the passport and recycling.
  • Stevenson SADD meeting February 22nd – Students Against Destructive Decisions. Grim Day will be a reminder of drunk driving deaths. Some students pretend to die, paint their faces and “die” during classes. There was a fire recently in Livonia and the group will have a fundraiser to help the family.
  • Community Health Needs Assessment Workgroup Meeting February 24th – St. Mary’s has created workgroups for community health. There are three groups…mental health, substance abuse and nutrition/physical health. Each group met to decide what action needs to be taken to educate the community, especially youth, in these areas. They will meet again in early June to check progress in each area.
  • Regulating Medical Marijuana Facilities Workshop February 27th – Cities, townships and villages are able to pass their own regulations for marijuana dispensaries. About 100 people attended.
  • Planning Session with LSOY graphic artist February 28th – Marie has revised our logo. Cannot reveal until we get board approval in May!
  • Pharmacy Bag Advertising – Karen presented what the ad will look like on the bag. We used ADDICTION in large font to grab the reader’s attention. The bags are in print now. There are 24,000 pharmacy bags at two Kroger stores, 5 and Merriman and Six Mile and Haggerty. It takes 8 months to go through all of the bags at both stores.
  • Med disposal boxes – We aren’t certain how the meds are being disposed of at each police station. Also, there is no data to support how these are helpful to the community. Karen came across a “flushable” list of meds, many of which are dropped in these boxes. We aren’t sure if these boxes are effective. More research and discussion needs to be done.
  • FHS Prevention Project Update – Karen presented the next posters that will be hung up at FHS in the restrooms. Healthy Relationships and Where to Find Help. LSOY is paying for the posters.

Ongoing Planning

  • Community Forum – Substance Abuse: What you need to know and what you can do – Karen has updated the flyer to reflect our change in focus from substance abuse to addiction.
  • Marijuana Community Awareness – Karen planning a committee meeting soon.
  • Winter 2017 newsletter – It is finished!! It was passed out to all who attended and we will be distributing around Livonia as well as electronically.
  • Jun 9th – Run 2 Save Our Youth packet pick-up 5-8 pm at LSOY office
  • June 10th – Run 2 Save Our Youth. Set up begins at 6 am. We would like to heavily promote to city employees (their registration fee is waived.)

New Business

  • Mocktail Party at Schoolcraft College – March 9th 11-2. Shari will attend. Shows students that St. Patrick’s day can be celebrated alcohol -free.
  • Proper Use and Disposal of OTC and Prescription Meds –Sponsored by Hegira Programs, Inc., March 9th, 3-4:30 pm at Livonia Senior Center 15218 Farmington Rd.
  • Substance Abuse Awareness Presentation – Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Livonia, March 12th
  • Prevention Conversation to Youth Ministry students – Mary in Westland March 13th
  • Annual Prevention Conversation – to 7th and 8th grade Religious Ed students and parents, St. Aiden in Livonia March 20th
  • Substance Abuse Awareness Event – Our Lady of Victory in Northville, March 22nd
  • FAN – Families Against Narcotics – was started by a man in Macomb County who lost his son to suicide as a result of a heroin addiction. Oakland County has about 10 chapters and Wayne County has one that starts Aptil 10th. Families go to these meetings for resources, direction, education, to be with people who have been through the same things.
  • Resources and Enclosures in Meeting Packet
  • Agenda
  • Meeting minutes
  • Pharmacy bag ad
  • Franklin High School posters/flyers created by Claire Walker, teacher at Franklin, for her bathroom poster campaign
  • Addiction Community Forum at St. Mary’s flyer
  • Hegira Community Education series flyer
  • Our Lady of Victory flyer for substance abuse awareness event
  • Community Reporting
  • John will speak to Karen about the upcoming Spree meeting…LSOY will be a Spree sponsor. Planning to have a message (banner?) inside the busses or someplace else.
  • Karla has the March for Hope event coming up on a3/5 at Debbie Felton’s Dance Academy.

Next Meeting April 5, 2017
6 pm – 8 pm

Livonia City Hall Annex Conference Room