March 2020 Meeting Minutes

Livonia Save Our Youth Coalition General Meeting Minutes

March 04, 2020, 9:00-10:30 a.m. 

Participants – C. Camp, Neil Murawski, Chris Benson, Amanda Geraci, Marty Heator, Rich Isaacson, Bob Douville, Michael Zerlach, John Grzebik, Carol Zuniga, Carmen Ramos, Staff – Karen Bonanno 

Motion to approve February general meeting minutes from John Grzebik, Marty Heator-2nd – Approval unanimous 

Coalition Update Report from Karen Bonanno: Program Coordinator position still open; online resources – Marijuana Anonymous-Find a Meeting, Words Can Heal-End the Stigma-MDHHS initiative, Get Smart About Drugs, DEA website 

Old Business Reported – MPA Vaping Cessation/Strategies, Healthy Partners presentation, Livonia Youth Assistance presentation, SMML Recipient Rights, Livonia Family Y, Livonia CERTS dinner, Livonia Chamber of Commerce Eric Hipple Mental Health event 

Ongoing Planning Reports – Addiction: What you need to know and what you can do – February participation – 12, Run 2 Save Our Youth registration finally open and new brochure available, Synar – tobacco retail checks planning ongoing – Carmen R. advised she can help and knows youth who may be available to assist with checks 

New Business Reported – Opioid Town Hall sponsored by State Rep Laurie Pohutsky, Chamber of Commerce sponsored lunch with Governor Whitmer, Schoolcraft College Mocktail Party, Meet with Livonia Public Schools Superintendent, Media Event Wellspring Lutheran, Prevention Providers Meeting-DWIHN, CDS Foundation Appreciation Dinner, Livonia Family Y Board of Advisors, St. Genevieve-St. Maurice Youth Ministry vaping presentation, Livonia Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors meeting 

Community Reporting 

• Amanda G, Madonna University – Dept of Justice violence against women grant sent; Chris Benson, Madonna University Dean of Students – Attended meeting for update on current drug trends and resources available, asked participants advice regarding large number of empty deodorant cans found on campus, advised students seem disconnected, C. Camp from MU law clerked in Monroe County on heroin case 

• John Grzebik – reported LSOY/LPD Rx Disposal schedule shared with Greenleaf Commission 

• Rich Isaacson – DEA community outreach – resources available 

• Carol Zuniga – Hegira Health reported Sports Marketing Outreach available to engage kids in SUD and mental health activities, also resource for Hegira services available 

• Neil Murawski reported topic of SUD should be available in Livonia Observer 

• Marty Heator, Dean of Students, Schoolcraft College asked for assistance on student resource for sud and mental health, LSOY provides resource table at upcoming Mocktail Party event 

• Pastor Michael Zerlach reported his work as pastor, Chaplin-State of Michigan, works primarily with police regarding suicide, self-medicating, discussed ‘involuntary suicide’ as prevalent issue 

• Carmen Ramos – Hegira Health works on community activities to teach kids to stay away from drugs, reported upcoming camps for age 9-12, free of charge – flyer available.