May 2015 Meeting Minutes

In attendance:  Amanda Geraci, John Grzebik, Mary Olex, Meg Venn, Jerry Kwas, Susan Nicholas, Bob Douville, Karen Bonanno, Justin Olivetti, Michele Legleitner

Read and approved the minutes.

Coalition Update

  • Board decided not to change our name. Feel we need to retain Livonia for our identity.
  • Jason is going to help with Facebook page.

Old Business

  • Healthy Kids Day was held at the Livonia Y on April 25th. LSOY had a table which focused on smoking. About 100 kids attended. Erica, the Y’s Wellness director wants to be a part of LSOY.
  • Martha & Karen were interviewed by the Observer. The article dealt with the new roles in the Coalition. Article will be coming out soon.
  • High School Updates; Ladywood had an article in the Observer on their Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Club. Karen shared Churchill High School’s newspaper article on their distracted driving event.

Ongoing Planning

  • Community Forum – We are partnering with Growth Works. Head of St. Mary’s also willing to help with this. Community Forum is going to be a place within Livonia where anyone can come for information. It will start in the fall with a schedule of 3 weeks on & one week off. It will be held at St. Mary’s. Brian from Growth Works is doing all the programing. LSOY’s commitment is in communication, registration and volunteers. Searching for a Name.
  • Run 2 Save Our Youth – Sponsorships are coming in. Almost at level of last years. Still in need of raffle items. Sending out reminders to register for the run. Meeting with Police, DPW, & Rec Center to discuss needs – generators, tents, table etc. Route has been certified. Bob requested 2 colors of bibs for 5K & 10K. Need more volunteers. Will send out email regarding this.
  • Passport to Safety will Saturday, June 13th. LSOY tent will be on poison & choking. This is all set.

New Business & Upcoming Activities

  • Flyers were included on a variety of events: Runaway & Homeless Youth are putting on Youth Expo for youth 13-18. This will be held on Mar 6th in Taylor. Teens Using Drugs – What to Know and What to Do will be held on May 20th & 27th at Livonia Stevenson. DWMHA is having a live Youth Radio Broadcast every Tuesday @ 7 PM on 1440 AM. A flyer was given out listing dates and locations for various Oakland County FAN groups.

Community Reporting

  • Jerry shared a flyer on Hegira’s Youth Summer Activity Club for youth ages 11-15 in Westland.
  • Sue shared a list of State & Federal Reps & Senators.
  • Justin from Mt. Hope had a meeting with teens on drugs & drinking. Teens were able to discuss issues anonymously.
  • John shared about Kids & Families focused on feeding hungry kids.
  • Bob shared how marijuana laws are looking at changes on edibles & dispensers. Need more regulations on this. Vaping is difficult to detect & monitor. Sue offered to obtain more updated information on this.