May 2019 Meeting Minutes

Livonia Save Our Youth Coalition
General Meeting Minutes – May 1, 2019

In attendance:  Jerry Kwas, Brandon McCullough, Michaeline Raczka, Jessica Hillen, Steve Boyak, Mishael Raiford, John Grzebik   LSOY Staff:  Karen Bonanno, Shari Davidek

Welcome/Introductions/Safety Instructions

Approve Meeting Minutes – John G. made the motion to approve the minutes. Steve B. seconded the motion. Unanimously approved.

Community Reporting

  • Mishael shared an event at LifeChurch in Canton called “Courage to Care.” Thursday, May 9, 2019 from 8 – 9 am.
  • Michaeline spoke about the drug take-back event at St. Mary Mercy Livonia on Saturday, April 27th. There were 75 cars and 65 pounds of medications turned in.
  • When an addict experiences a “moment of clarity” (when the person WANTS help with their addiction) it is important to have resources available to help the person find treatment or help, because that moment can be very short-lived. WESTERN WAYNE RESCUE RECOVERY through the Livonia Police, St. Mary Mercy Livonia and Growth Works. ANGEL PROGRAM through the Michigan State Police. HOPE NOT HANDCUFFS through Families Against Narcotics (FAN).
  • Northwestern Wayne Families Against Narcotics – has a public forum the 1st Monday of each month (flyers are available.)
  • Protect Young Eyes – Defending Kids from Online Danger, Chris McKenna – Founder and also on Facebook and Twitter.

Updates – Old Business

  • April 2 – Shari attended the Livonia Marketing Meeting and was able to promote the run and recruit the city Communications Director to help with that as well.
  • April 8 – Karen spoke to the Livonia Rotary Club regarding current drug trends.
  • April 8 – Karen also presented to the Livonia Assistance Parent Group in the evening.
  • April 9 – LSOY hosted the Wayne County Coalition Planning Meeting.
  • April 10 – Shari attended a Livonia Chamber event called “Employers in a World of Recreational Marijuana.”
  • April 11 – Karen and Shari met with Billy Keppen from the Rec Center and Ron Warra from LPD to go over the run details to make sure we’re on track.
  • April 11 – Karen spoke to 9th and 10th grade students at New School High about current drug trends.
  • April 12 – Shari manned a resource table at the Boys and Girls Club in Detroit for My Sister’s/Brother’s Keeper for elementary and middle school students.
  • April 14 – Juliana set up a resource table at the annual Rec Center Spring Open House. It was not well as well attended as in previous years.
  • April 14 – Shari had a resource table and attended the Opioid Forum at Stevenson High School. Hosted by the Livonia Democratic Club.
  • April 17 – Shari attended the monthly Livonia Chamber Ambassador meeting.
  • April 22 – Shari set up a resource table at the Detroit School of Arts Health and Fitness Fair.
  • April 23 – Shari attended the monthly planning session for Passport to Safety, which is June 8th.
  • April 24 – Shari went to the SADD officers meeting at Stevenson to catch up with the students and Marena Maier and to see how we could collaborate with them.
  • April 24 – Shari attended the screening of the movie “Screenagers” at Stevenson high school, which talked about social media, internet and mental health issues and the connections.
  • April 25 – Karen spoke with a group of kids at DWMHA on Take Your Kids to Work Day about social media and human trafficking.
  • April 25 – Shari attended a Town Hall with Governor Whitmer at Stevenson high school regarding the state budget.
  • April 26 – Karen attended the monthly Board of Directors meeting at the Livonia Chamber.
  • April 26 – Karen also provided Naloxone training for members of the Livonia Chamber Board.
  • April 27 – Shari manned a resource table at Healthy Kids Day at the Livonia Y.

Ongoing Planning

  • Addiction: What You Need to Know and What You Can Do – First three Tuesdays of each month during the school year (September through May) from 7 – 8:30 PM at St Mary Mercy Livonia. Flyer with information is available.
  • Narcan (Naloxone) training is available through Karen or 734-338-9580. There is an upcoming training May2nd at St. Edith in Livonia and another at Alpha USA, date and time TBA
  • Run 2 Save Our Youth is one month away! Saturday June 1, 2019. Registration is open and ongoing at and also via mail or drop-off. Sponsorship is up by $750 from last year. There are about 50 runners/walkers signed up and six teams so far. Two elementary school running clubs are participating, hoping for at least one more! Need more raffle items. Things are on track and moving along.

New Business

  • May 1 – Livonia Stevenson SADD meeting
  • May 9 – DWMHA provider meeting
  • May 14 – Wayne County Coalition meeting at Youth Connection
  • May 15 – Livonia Chamber Ambassador’s Meeting
  • May 16 – Opioid Abuse and Heroin Overdose Solutions Summit – resource table
  • May 17 – Unite to Face Addiction Rally at the Michigan State Capitol
  • May 19 – Presentation on current drug trends at St. Aiden Catholic Church
  • May 20 – Board of Advisors meeting at Livonia Family YMCA
  • May 21 – Livonia Board of Directors meeting in Lansing
  • May 21 – Last Passport to Safety planning meeting
  • May 22 – NW Wayne County FAN session “A Closer Look” with speaker Ken Daniels
  • May 23 – Livonia Prayer Breakfast
  • May 31 – Run 2 Save Our Youth early packet pick-up
  • June 1 –  RUN 2 SAVE OUR YOUTH!!!