May 2020 Meeting Minutes

Livonia Save Our Youth Coalition

General Meeting Minutes – May 06, 2020, 12:00-1:00 pm

Participants – Jim Vrooman, Neil Murawski, Amanda Holm, Rich Isaacson, Carol Zuniga, Jerry Kwas, Steve Boyak, Meg Ven, Tom Ven, Nicole Danish Staff – Karen Bonanno

Motion to approve February general meeting minutes from Tom Venn, Rich Isaacson-2nd – Approval unanimous

Coalition Update

Report from Karen Bonanno: There was no General Meeting for April 2020. DWIHN continues to connect Covid information.  24/7 hotline available for mental health and substance abuse information at 800 241-4949.  The current challenge for LSOY is how to transition SUD and mental health resources to online platforms.  Thus far, the LSOY newsletter has been restarted with recovery/mental health resources, and there are plans to extend presence on social media including FaceBook Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.  Request for name of YouTube prevention series – 1st will be prescription medication disposal; 2nd will be teen vaping cessation.

Ongoing Planning Reports – Report form Karen Bonanno –Addiction: What you need to know and what you can do will be moved online.  The in-person series is currently postponed by St. Mary Mercy Livonia through May.  Work continues for the new LSOY website and the Talk They Hear You campaign; Synar tobacco retail vendor education is scheduled to begin May 15; vendor checks in July.

Community Reporting

  • From Jerry Kwas:  the Livonia Early Risers scholarship applications are being accepted through May 15.  Requirements include a 3.0 gpa and two references.  Scholarships available to all Livonia Public Schools or Clarenceville High School senior.  Additional information available at the Kiwanis website.
  • Steve Boyak reported he has participated in 11/13 Run 2 Save Our Youth events.  He has offered to assist should the run be rescheduled.
  • Rich Isaacson reported that the DEA takeback events for April were cancelled.  Prevention groups were asked to help share the message regarding how to safely dispose of prescription medication – he thanked LSOY for their assistance.  Secure Your Meds is the DEA campaign to raise awareness and encourage conversation.  Just Think Twice is another useful campaign for teenagers with information about drugs.  CARE is a valuable resource.
  • Carol Zuniga shared that Hegira Health telehealth is open, but there is a dramatic drop in requests for substance use disorder treatment.  Also, Hegira has received a $4 million grant from SAMSHA to support non-traditional series and to increase capacity.  Additional staff will be needed. 
  • Neil Murowski reported that he attends meetings such as LSOY to educate himself on behalf of his son who suffers from addiction.  He participated in the NW Wayne Families Against Narcotics (FAN) May monthly forum and the said speaker awesome.  He also suggested the LSOY newsletter be connected to the LPD website.
  • Meg Venn reported domestic abuse claims in Redford have increased, while crime is down.  Redford police officer Jen Mansfield is active in raising awareness about domestic violence in the Redford community.
  • Tom Venn reported he participates in LSOY as part of his role as Drug Demand Reduction program for Livonia Civil Air Patrol.
  • Amanda Holm gave a report about a tobacco and vaping cessation program being developed by Henry Ford Health System.  Details include a pediatric referral, as well as serving as an alternative to suspension.