November 2014 Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Karen Bonanno, Susan Nicholas, Jerry Kwas, Bob Douville, Caryn Epps, Jan Wilson, Angel Harris, John Grezbik, Mary Olex

Read and approved minutes.

Old Business

DWMHA is still working on guidelines. Katie is still helping Karen with data input.

Karen shared the job posting for a new Executive Director. We need to get the job posting out. Suggestions included – Michigan Prevention, Monster, MCBAP.  Other options might be to contract someone to oversee  data entry and grant expectations. The Board really needs to look at this. There will be a Board meeting next week – November 12th.

Past Events: There were 3 tailgates on the same night. All went well. Stevenson seems to be the only school having problems with the timing of serving hot dogs. It is the first time LSOY participated in the bonfire at Ladywood. They also did fundraising for Blessings in a Backpack. Ladywood’s Yellow Ribbon Club would like to do something on suicide prevention.

Webpage Update:  The updates are coming along. Frank Farren from EnablePoint is helping with this. The site is pretty much bare bones right now. Karen will add pieces at a time. Jackie is willing to help with website. We need to add a twitter account. Karen is keeping Face Book updated.

We are still looking to add a Coalition Intern. This is supposed to be provided by Madonna.

The Community/Parent Forum in Westland was well attended. The topic was Cloud 9.

The Redford Union Drug Awareness was also well attended. Karen spoke at this. A variety of areas were covered. Most questions were on marijuana.

Allen Park’s Prescription Drug Awareness Night was packed. SUDDS and FAN are very active groups.

Heroin Summit in Lansing was attended by 500 people. Bob went to this. Corey Walker gave a Drugs 101 talk. He may be a good speaker for the Coalition.

Run 2 Save Our Youth – We are unable to get Nankin Mills next year. Need to find an alternative place.

New Business & Upcoming Events

Angel talked about the Tie One On For Safety campaign put on by MADD. Looking for collaboration on this. Perhaps to be held on November 21st. Looking for a venue.  It is mostly a media event.

Churchill has asked for a donation for a program they would like students to attend. It is called Save a Life Tour – Distracted Driving Assembly.  We could perhaps give them a $1000 from the money we received from the Ford Foundation.

It was decided that we would have a policy that if Livonia Schools are closed on a day a coalition meeting is scheduled the meeting would be cancelled.

A flyer was given out on the OK 2 Say Initiative. It is a way for students to report anything that threatens their safety or the safety of others. It is on school websites throughout the State.

We are invited to the 2014 Member Appreciation Reception put on by the Livonia Chamber of Commerce. This is Thursday November 6th.

A flyer was given out on a Burning Issues Conference put on the Michigan Prevention Association. This is to be held November 12th in Lansing. It is to be a joining of coalitions from around the state for a day of resource sharing, networking and skill building.

Community Reporting

Looking for reports about events occurring in Livonia to encourage healthy lifestyle choices for young people in Livonia.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, December 3rd 6:00 – 8:00 PM

Holiday Potluck