November 2015 Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Karen Bonanno,  Alan Clemens, Kaleen Snowdon, Mary Olex, Bob Douville, Michele Legieitner, Jennifer Wakenell, Chris Benson, Amber Cunnings, Amanda Geraci.

Coalition Update

  • We have some students in social work who are volunteering with the coalition. They are putting in hours to fulfill their requirements.
  • We lost our tax exempt status in 2013. We can still operate. This does not affect our grant. Only impact would be on donors who may report donations made to the coalition and paying taxes on purchases. Bob is working on filling out forms to reinstate our status.
  • There will be a Board of Directors meeting on Monday, November 19th.

Old Business

  • We have had several back to school events. We have had tables at all the school’s open houses. Tailgate parties at homecoming games. We also were at Ladywood’s bonfire.
  • Jacklyn and Jaki represented the coalition at the Livonia Rec Center’s Open House. This is a good connection with the community.
  • Karen and Brian attended a Community Health Needs Assessment Presentation at St. Mary’s Hospital. A 3 year goal is to decrease underage drinking.

Ongoing Planning

  • Karen gave out a flyer with new topics for the Community Forum. These are being held the first 3 Tuesdays of each month – September thru May. The flyer will change each month with the current topics.
  • Genevieve will be hosting an event “How to Manage Substance Abuse by Friends” on November 11th. A flyer was given out.
  • Ladywood’s Healthy Lifestyles Workshop has been postponed till maybe February.

New Business & Upcoming Activities

  • The Student Summit may evolve into a Marijuana Conference. May change it to include students and the community. May hold it on Martin Luther King Day. Mobilizing Michigan has info on marijuana edibles, which is a big concern. Karen is going to work with Growth Works to develop this summit. We may explore pro-marijuana groups and have someone come to one of our meetings.
  • Run To Save Our Youth will be held on June 4th, 2016. Sponsorship packets will be out in January.
  • Bob will attend the Burning Issues Conference in Lansing on November 17th. This is put on by the Michigan Prevention Assoc. A flyer was given out with more info.

Community Reporting

  • Jennifer shared that her Turner Town display would be at the Livonia Civic Center Library through the end of November. This is to help raise awareness on verbal disabilities. She gave out a flyer on this.
  • Karen included a flyer on “Quit Like a Champion”. Information on quitting smoking put out by the American Cancer Society.
  • We were also given an information sheet on E-Cigarettes and marijuana.
  • Amber related that November is runaway prevention month.
  • Chris talked about a movie “Hunting Ground”. It is on sex and other types of abuse.
  • Andre told us that Amy Allen would be at Madonna’s Kresgee Hall on November 9th at 6:30 PM.  She will be talking on forced slavery.

We ended 5 minutes early.