November 2019 Meeting Minutes

Livonia Save Our Youth Coalition

General Meeting Minutes

 November 06, 2019

In attendance:  Karen Coleman, Michele Legleitner, Meg Venn, Jessica Hillen, Carmen Ramos, Jerry Kwas

LSOY Staff:  Karen Bonanno

Meeting Minutes Approval 

Jerry Kwas motioned to approve minutes, Meg Venn seconded, unanimously approved

Community Reporting

  • Results of City of Livonia election discussed.  The new mayor and city council members are supportive of LSOY
  • Karen Bonanno reported a recovery high school will be opened in fall, 2020 by Wellspring Lutheran
  • Karen reported high school students who do not vape are speaking up – Clarenceville SADD organized a Don’t Vape pledge
  • The possibility that senior citizens are engaging in illegal activity for money was discussed – a solution is working with Livonia TV on a PSA using both senior citizens and teenagers as spokespeople
  • The federal government, SAMSHA, has a new helpline for treatment or 800 662-HELP
  • DWMHA name change to Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network (DWIHN)
  • LSOY Program Coordinator position will be posted in January, 2020
  • Karen Coleman reported Livonia Counseling is hiring
  • Carmen Ramos talked about her in-school programs and parenting classes – Karen will post flyers on website
  • Jerry Kwas, Jessica Hillen, Michele Legleitner nothing to report
  • “Crush the Stigma” mental health awareness event held at Churchill High School

Updates – Old Business Reviewed

  • Listed Old Business items reviewed: 04Oct-MPA, 04Oct-Clarenceville Homecoming Tailgate, 06Oct-OLV Rx Return, 13Oct-LCRC Open House, 18Oct-SHS Homecoming Tailgate, 22Oct-Narcan Training-Civil Air Patrol, 24Oct Resource Table, IHHC, 04Nov-Narcan Training, Clarenceville Parents

Ongoing Planning Reviewed

  • Addiction: What you need to know and what you can do – October participants: 18, YTD: 58

New Business Reviewed

  • Listed New Business items reviewed: 07Nov-Healthy Partners, Grant Writing 101, 07Nov-Chamber Member Appreciation, 08Nov-New race timer, 09Nov-Rick Austin 5k, 11Nov-LSOY Bod Meeting, 12Nov-SMML Recipient Rights, 13Nov-CHNA annual report, 14Oct-Clarenceville SADD Meeting, 20Nov-New School High Parent Advisory, 25Nov-Livonia Y Board of Advisors, 25Nov-DWIHN Faith Based Initiatives Meeting
  • Local Resources and LSOY Contact information reviewed, suggestion made  to send 2020 Run information to Catholic Schools, Next meeting:   December 04, 2019