October 2014 Meeting Minutes

Attendees:  David Shuit, Rich Glomb, Meg Venn, Tom Venn, Dan McCulley, Mary Olex, Jerry Kwas, Susan Nicholas, Nancy Radzwion, Richard Asztalos, Bob Douville, Diane Montes, Jacalyn Sanders, Faki Jarois, Karen Bonanno

Jackie Sanders from Heart Cry spoke to us. Her son died of drugs. She formed a support group for mothers of rebellious teens and young adults. It is faith based and meets twice a month. She gave us a brochure with more details about the group.

Read and approved minutes.

 Old Business

  • Our DWMHA funding contract was delivered. It is pending signatures. There are concerns whether DWMHA will understand coalitions. Although funding may be better. A job description for Katie’s job is going around SEMCA. No candidates yet.
  • Sue gave information on the Drug Free Community Support Program. This would be a new way of funding the coalition. It is a Federal grant of $125,000 for 5 years. It needs to be submitted by February. We formed a committee to look in this grant. A fiduciary would be needed.  Sue, Jackie and Karen will be on it.
  • We received a $1,000 from the Ford Foundation which was given to the city and then to us.
  • Franklin’s tailgate went well. Still need help at upcoming tailgates. There was discussion of getting away from food give aways. Perhaps do a trivia game with prizes.
  • Open Houses went well. Made some contact with parents and school personnel.
  • Our web page has been compromised. The problem is worse than originally thought. Frank from the city is helping with this.

 New Business

  • It was reported that Cloud 9 is a growing problem at Stevenson. There has been an imminent danger order issued by the Livonia Police Dept. Therefore it is now illegal to sell within the city. The police and the schools seem to be on top of this. Karen gave us a hand out on this from the DSEMIIC. Wayne-Westland Schools are holding a community forum on October 2nd. Karen will be attending.
  • Farmington/Farmington Hills Call to Action Coalition is hosting a community breakfast. Speakers will talk on a variety of subjects relating to drug abuse and domestic violence. Karen is planning on attending this.
  • Merribowl is supporting Sue’s shoe drive and offering a free game of bowling for bringing in shoes. On November 22nd they are holding a fundraiser for Blessings in a Backpack.

Upcoming Events

  • Flyers were given out on a various events coming up.
  • Heroin Summit – Oct. 20 8-4:30 in Lansing.
  • Prescription Drug Abuse Awareness Night – Oct. 23 7 – 8:30 in Allen Park.
  • Behavioral Addictions & SUD; New Developments, Nov. 6, 8 1 – 3 at Wayne State.
  • Tri-County Prevention Inst. for Alcohol & Other Drugs, Nov. 6 from 8 – 3:15 in Macomb.