October 2015 Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Karen Bonanno, Jaki Jarois, Marianne Kociela, Jaclyn Sanchez, Nancy Radzwion, Wayne McDowell, Alan Clemens, Kaleen Snowdon, Gloria Gonek, John Grzebik, Jerry Kwas, Diane Montes, Mary Olex, David Schuit, Susan Nicholas, Amanda Geraci.

Coalition Update

  • Grant was approved for another year.
  • A site visit was done in February. We just got the results two weeks ago. Nothing serious, but a few items were mentioned. We were already working on these. Have to work on many policy areas.
  • There will be a Board of Directors meeting on 10/19.

Old Business

  • Karen and Meg attended the State of the City on 9/16. Karen made a presentation on the Coalition to the City Council.
  • The Coalition had tables at all the High School’s Open Houses. Most reported poor attendance and poor locations for our tables. Ladywood had a great location and many parents stopped by. Clarenceville as small community is receptive to our group, but still not coming to the tables.
  • Meg went to the Human Trafficking Seminar on 9/17.
  • John manned the table at Emerson Middle School. Again not much traffic, but did get one interested parent.
  • Homecoming Tailgates were held at Stevenson and Churchill High Schools. Stevenson had 30 volunteers from their SAAD group. Franklin doesn’t have a SAAD group at this time.
  • School Daze was held at Schoolcraft on 9/22-23. They had food , a DJ, all school activities had tables there. The Coalition had a table as well. Kids were picking up resources. Great event.

Ongoing Planning

  • The Community Forum is off to a good start. They meet the first 3 Tuesdays of each month at St. Mary’s Hospital. They had four events so far.
  • Clarenceville tailgate coming up October 9th. Jerry, Mark and Mary will be doing it. Ladywood bonfire is October 10th and Jerry will be doing that one.

New Business & Upcoming Activities

  • The Livionia Community Rec Center is holding an open house. A flyer was given with details. We need volunteers to for this.
  • There will be a Youth Ministry event at St. Genevieve’s on November 8th. Do you love your friend enough to help? A flyer was given with details.
  • Ladywood will be holding a Healthy Choices Day on November 13th.

Resources & Events

  • Karen gave us a list of upcoming events in the area and resources that are available. Bob helped develop the sheets on Marijuana facts.

Community Reporting

  • Lauren Russo came into talk about an event she attended in Washington D.C. The United to Face Addiction Rally was put on by those behind the movie – Anonymous People. Had a lot of speakers and musicians – all in recovery. The rally had about 20 to 30 thousand people at the Washington Monument. Very powerful event. The next day was Advocacy Day. About 600 people met to speak with staffers of Senators and House of Reprensitives.
  • Gloria from Citizens for Peace told us there would be a showing of a film Gandi’s Gift this Sunday. She gave us a flyer with details.
  • Amanda from Madonna told us that they have a new president who will be addressing issues on alcohol and drug abuse. On November 9th they will have a speaker coming to talk on Human Dignity.
  • Tom related that the last week of October is Red Ribbon Week.
  • Diane reported that fentanyl is on the increase again. She spoke at the Drug Court graduation. Al conferred with Diane on fentanyl and heroin as the most drug related crime in Livonia.
  • Kaleen wrote to Laura Cox inviting her to our meetings.