October 2017 Meeting Minutes

Livonia Save Our Youth Coalition
General Meeting Minutes
October 11, 2017

In attendance: John Grzebik, Mary Olex, Linda Gowans, Maria Gosur, Golfo Tzilos, Tom Venn, Michelle Bracey, Denise Pirranello, Aleina Mujovic

LSOY Staff:  Karen Bonanno, Shari Davidek, Juliana Baird

  • Tom made the motion to approve the minutes from the June 2017 General Meeting. Mary seconded the motion. The minutes were unanimously approved.

Coalition Update

  • Grant renewal – We are working with our FY 2017/18 grant!
  • Impaneling process – Impaneling is a credentialing process. We have never done this and have never been asked before so this is a new thing we need to figure out! There is a site visit and training involved and a large amount of paperwork. If we are not impaneled by November 30th they will start the process of revoking our grant. The Authority will be helping us get this done.
  • Quality – Procedures for events and activities – Karen, Shari and Juliana are collaborating to create a procedure manual for events and activities.

Updates – Old Business

  • Sept 7 – Healthy Partners – Human Trafficking – The Executive Director of Sanctum House came to speak at this meeting. Karen attended.
  • Sept 13 – High School Parent Open Houses – We had several wonderful volunteers who helped cover these events! We were set up at Churchill, Franklin and Stevenson. The flashlights Karen purchased are a HUGE hit and great conversation starters! We collected several email addresses and handed out many resources. Vaping and dabbing were topics of interest.
  • Sept 14 – Women’s Health Fair at Dorsey Nursing School – We were invited by a nursing student who Karen met at the Wayne County Health Fair. We provided resources and support. The students were the ones running the show. We enjoyed being there and made a great connection
  • Sept 16 – Community Corn Roast – Shari and Karen split the day at the Veteran’s Park next to the YMCA. We met many people from Livonia including from other organizations.
  • Sept 18 – Michigan Prevention Association Meeting – Karen went to Lansing to attend this event.
  • Sept 19 – Clarenceville High School Parent Open House – Shari attended this event and Karen and Juliana went to the Community Addiction Series at St. Mary. There weren’t a lot of parents there, but the ones who were wanted information and stopped by to chat.
  • Sept 20/21 – Schoolcraft College School Daze – Fun and exciting event! Shari attended both days and spoke with many students. Hookah and vaping information as well as stress management info was popular. Flashlights too!!
  • Sept 21 – Middle School Parent Open Houses – Another night of open houses…Emerson, Frost and Holmes. Thank you to our volunteers who helped us cover these! Not as much interest, but the kids are younger and parents are reluctant to take resources.
  • Sept 25 – Drugs 101 – Karen and Shari went to this at Celebration Church in Canton. Lots of information was given! We learned a few things…the information regarding drugs and drug use is ever changing.
  • Sept 26 – Student Presentation – New High School, Plymouth – Karen spoke to the group of 70 students regarding suicide prevention and drug use. Thank you Caryn Epps for inviting us!
  • Sept 27 – SPN Survivors – You Matter Day – Shari attended. Karla Truxall did a beautiful job telling her story and the history of SPN Survivors. Franklin Chorus came and sang three songs for us.
  • Oct 2 – Monthly Parent Meeting – Clarenceville High School – Karen attended this meeting and there were more than the usual five parents there this year! We are planning to get more involved with the SADD group.
  • Oct 4 – Community Town Hall Meeting – DWMHA – Karen and Shari attended as well as Tom Venn, Jason Schwartz and Ron Warra (LPD.) There was a large group of panelists who spoke about the opioid epidemic. There were about 100-125 people in the audience, mostly professionals and educators. Karen met Dave Spivey, the CEO at St Mary’s and he told her that she was one of his heroes for the work the coalition does! YAY!

Ongoing Planning

  • Oct 13 – Livonia Stevenson and Livonia Clarenceville Homecoming Safe and Sober tailgates. We are handing out pom poms and grilling hot dogs. We may not be able to have hot dogs at Clarenceville this year because we are short on volunteers, but we will see what we can do.
  • Community Addiction Series – Addiction Abuse: What You Need To Know and What You Can Do – First three Tuesdays of the month, September – May.  There was a young man who was looking for help for his addiction and Brain was helping guide him.
  • Marijuana Awareness Campaign Committee – Talking Points Committee – Recreational marijuana is slated to be on the 2018 ballot next November. As a coalition, we can’t lobby, but we CAN advocate. This committee will be meeting soon. Karen is on a subcommittee from the Lansing group and they are creating talking points. She would like to bring that to the committee here in Livonia.

New Business

  • Fall newsletter is out and included in the packet!
  • Livonia Rec Center Trick or Treat Open House – Sunday, October 15th – Shari will be there to pass out candy and resources. Noon – 4 PM.
  • “Chasing the Dragon” – a documentary viewing and discussion at 6:30 PM in Dearborn Heights. Flyer included.
  • Opioid Crisis Facing Youth and Families, 7 – 8:30 at Garden City High School. Flyer included.