October 2020 Meeting Minutes

Livonia Save Our Youth

General Meeting (via Zoom) Minutes 

October 7, 2020, 10:00- 11:00 am

Participants– Angela Lucas, Carmen Ramos, Jessica Hillen, Jerry Kwas, Madison Rhea, Marty Heator, Owen Keaton, Meg Venn, Karra Thomas, Bob Douville.

Staff– Karen Bonanno and Nicole Danish.

Motion to approve August meeting minutes from Bob Douville, Marty Heator- 2nd – Approval Unanimous.

Motion to approve September meeting minutes from Bob Douville, Meg Venn- 2nd – Approval Unanimous.

Coalition Update

  • The coalition is currently striving to complete all end of the year fiscal reports.
  • The Request for Funding (RFP) LSOY applied for has been officially approved!
  • The coalition is currently working towards starting a community donation drive to raise funds for this fiscal year.
  • LSOY’s new website is set to go live around the holiday season!

Ongoing Planning

  • The coalitions YouTube channel is currently live featuring Today’s Prevention Tips. Feel free to share the link to Karen’s video on various social media platforms!
  • Addiction: What you need to know and what you can do, an ongoing series, hosted Octobers first class on the sixth consisting of 5 participants.
  • Recovery Resources & Assistance Drop In occurs on Saturday’s 8-9 pm on Zoom. Drop in for a conversation with a Certified Recovery Coach if you are in active recovery from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.
  • Resource card- Nicole and Karen completed a resource tri-fold card that includes a plethora of different resources that will be distributed to hair salons in Livonia. The intent is for stylists to give the card to clients that are seeking additional help in the realm of mental health. Cards will be available the week of October 12th.

Community Updates

Karra Thomas- Karra welcomes everyone into the new fiscal year! The DWIHN’s board member meeting is October 19th from 10 a,m to noon and is open to anyone that is interested in attending. October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month. Other events that are occurring in October are: Red Ribbon week (the 23rd to the 31st) and Domestic Violence Awareness Month. DWIHN is offering a plethora of different trainings surrounding the topic of mental health; be sure to check out the Workforce page if interested.

Owen Keaton- Owen is a resource officer at Livonia Stevenson High School. Officer Keaton reports the school is currently functioning on a shortened class day due to the pandemic but, reports Livonia Public Schools will be fully staffed starting October 9th and, students will be returning to full capacity with a virtual platform still available.

Marty Heator- Marty is the Dean of Students at Schoolcraft College. Marty reports that Schoolcraft is functioning 80% virtually and 20% on campus. Due to the pandemic and the move to virtual classes, Marty reports a drop in students mental health. Schoolcraft is working hard to make all forms of counseling available to students interested as well as connecting students with ample amounts of resources that are available in the community.

Carmen Ramos- Carmen is the Prevention Program Coordinator at Hegira Health Inc. Carmen reports Hegira is hosting virtual parenting classes and parents can receive more information from Hegiras website. Hegiras parenting classes are free to those who are Wayne county residents. Hegiras prevention team is starting to return to schools, in person, starting with Tomlinson Middle School to teach their prevention course and, Hegira is striving to start a prevention curriculum among the Livonia Public Schools.

DWIHN 24 Hour Crisis Helpline 1-800-241-4949