September 2014 Meeting Minutes

Attendees:  Lisa Sellinger, Grace Modes, Caryn Epps, Amanda Geraci, Dan McCulley, Mary Olex, Jerry Kwas, Mark Menestrina, Susan Nicholas, Angel Harris, Bob Douville, Karen Bonanno, Jan Wilson, Cheryl Whitton, Phil Goodman,  Richard Glomb

Reviewed and approved the minutes.

Blessings in a Backpack: Jan Wilson and Cheryl Whitton spoke on a new program being started in Livonia schools. Purpose of program is to supply children who receive assistance with lunches at school during the week food for the weekend. Children are given a backpack on Fridays with food for the weekend meals. There 4,265 children in Livonia receiving free or reduced lunches. They will start with one school in Livonia in November. Then add schools as funds and volunteers increase. It costs $100 to feed one child for a year. They have partnered with Meijers in providing the food. We were given a flyer detailing the needs of the program. Right now they are trying to get the word out and do fundraising.  It has been found that children benefit by increase attendance in school, attention and ability to learn. The program is in 20 other communities in Michigan and other states as well. All funds raised stay in the community they are designated for.

Merri-Bowl Lanes: There were 2 speakers from Merri-Bowl including the new owner. They hope to partner with the community in a variety of ways. An info sheet on Figure 8 Networking was given to us. Their goal is to engage youth and families in community activities.  It outlined the many ways they hoped to work with the community. They hope to partner with the coalition to get the word out about their program. There will be a grand opening on September 19th.

Community Reporting: There is a new SAP at Churchill High School. The SADD groups will be starting up meetings. Karen is planning on attending these. There are stricter regulations coming out on prescription pain killers. Ladywood has started a suicide prevention group – the Yellow Ribbon Club. There bonfire is scheduled for October 11th. LSOY will be there also. Sue pointed out that September is National Recovery Month.  Purpose is to break down barriers and support those in recovery. Their fundraiser collecting old shoes will continue through October. Bob attended a conference- Regional Anti-Drug Education & Outreach. He felt it was a great presentation and maybe we should get them to speak to us.

SEMCA/DWMHA Funding: Funding will continue for a year same as before.

Past Events:

  • LCRC Park – It was attended by Karen, Kaleen and David on August 14th. It was a family fun night.
  • Mental Health First Aid – Karen went to this on August 13th and 14th. A Resource sheet she was given was included in our packet.
  • CDS Foundation-Tino’s Picnic – was held on August 24th. Coalition had a table there and ran games for the children.
  • Madonna University Residence Hall Training – Mark spoke for this and felt it went very well.
  • Recovery Bill of Rights – Coalition had 1 ½ pages of signatures that were sent in.


New Business

  • Trying to get the word out about the Coalition and our meetings. This will be in the Livonia Community Events calendar, the Observer Community calendar and on Brighthouse Community Events Channel 3.
  • Madonna may provide and intern for the Coalition. Perhaps they would work on updating our Resource Guide.
  • We need to develop a new web page. Our website was compromised recently. Maria maybe able to help with this. Karen was also meeting with someone from the city on this.
  • Strive for a Safer Driver (S4SD) – High School safe driving initiative. A flyer was included explaining what this is about.
  • Run 2 Save Our Youth – a committee has been formed (Karen, Katie, Dan, Amanda and Bob). Initial city contacts were made. Possible venues are Stevenson High School or Livonia City Hall.


Upcoming Activities

  • Karen sent around a sign-up sheet for fall open houses and tailgate events. May not do hot dogs at all the tailgates. Need to look at alternative ideas.
  • Schoolcraft College School Daze will be held September 16th from 10 till 2. Karen will attend. Invited anyone else who may like to come.
  • Heroin Summit will be held on October 20th. Karen and Bob both expressed an interest in attending.