September 2020 Meeting Minutes

Livonia Save Our Youth

General Meeting Minutes 

September 2, 2020, 10:00-11:00 a.m. on Zoom

Participants- Angela Lucas, Jerry Kwas, Neil Murawski, Michele Legleitner, Meg Venn, James Vrooman, Ella Cardinal, Carmen Ramos.

Staff– K. Bonanno & N. Danish

August meeting minutes not available, approval will be conducted at October general meeting

Coalition Update

  • The LSOY current grant from DWHIN expires September 30th. LSOY is still waiting to for approval on RFP submitted in June.
  • Synar Update- Nicole completed vendor education compliance checks to tobacco retailers in June and the retailers were mostly positive. Four decoy checks were completed by the regional supervisor Livonia; all tobacco vendors were found compliant with regulations regrading minors.
  • What You Need to Know and What You Can Do, the first virtual session of the 6th year, occurred September 1 with three participates. The coalition is optimistic about increasing participation. Participation over the course of 5 years is near 900. The goal of this series to educate and raise awareness to the community.
  • The Northwest Wayne County Chapter of FAN (Families Against Narcotics) will not hold a September monthly forum. The next forum will be held Monday, October,5.
  • LSOY held a virtual Community Narcan Training on August 31, for International Overdose Awareness Day with 14 participants.
  • The LSOY posted the first recording for Today’s Prevention Tips, a YouTube channel dedicated to raise awareness and educate the community about prevention topics.  The first topic is the proper storage and disposal of prescription medication presented by Karen. The second is from Nicole, regarding teen vaping, posting TBA.
  • With LSOY in-person events cancelled, Karen offered to supply resource bags to LSOY partners to distribute resource bags – Neil M. and Meg V. expressed interest.

Community Updates

  • Amanda Holm, Henry Ford Health System, reported HFHS launched a new virtual program; Tobacco System Treatment for Teens, which provides treatment for teens addicted to vaping and smoking. Telephone treatment options are also available, connecting resources and online aids to teens in need. The team also is starting a virtual class, Freedom from Smoking, that will start September 17th.
  • Michele Legleitner, Alternative for Girls, stated that all prevention services are virtual, including the 2020 summer camp. The shelter is open and serving single women ages ranging from 15-21.