Student Summit 2012


  • Held on February 7, 2012 from 8:00am-2:30pm at St. Colette Activities Center.
  • In attendance were 70 High School Students from: all 3 LPS High Schools, Clarenceville HS, Ladywood, & Catholic Central.
  • Also attending were 28 Adult Community Members, representing: Police, Fire, Parks/Rec, Civic Groups, Schools, City Government, Business, Colleges/Universities, Faith Community, Library.
  • Students developed ideas for their vision of “Livonia 2020” – the City of Livonia in the year 2020. The overwhelming theme was “downtown Livonia” and activities for teens.
  • Small group discussion focused on 7 Topic Areas.
  • Students and Adult Community Leaders spent a session discussing concerns in each topic area and then a session discussing solutions to those concerns in each topic area.
  • The large group of students voted on each topic to prioritize concerns and solutions.
  • The Summit was sponsored and coordinated by Livonia Save Our Youth, and supported by Livonia Public Schools and Clarenceville School District as “school business” for students.

Overall Themes from Student Summit

  • Need for Teen Activities
    • Downtown Livonia
    • Safe Spree and other events
    • Affordability
  • Bullying
    • Cyber/Social Media
    • Face-to-Face
  • Desire for Communication/Connection
    • With Parents
    • Resources at School
    • Participation in Community
  • Drugs and Alcohol
    • Emerging “Designer Drugs” (K2, etc.)
    • Availability
    • Lack of knowledge by teens and parents

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