August 2016 Meeting Minutes

Livonia Save Our Youth Coalition

Monthly Meeting Minutes

August 3, 2016 6:00 to 8:00 PM

In attendance: David Schuit, Karen Bonnanno, Sue Floyd, Rich Gibson, Meg Venn, Tom Venn, Marseille Arbuckle, Diane Montes, Jaki Jarois, John Grzebik, Kaleen Snowden, Jerry Kwas, Mary Olex, Ron Warra

Read over minutes. Jaki motioned to approve the minutes. John G. seconded it.

Guest : Sue Floyd from Livonia Elks Drug Prevention Program spoke. In October they want to roll out substance abuse prevention materials. They want to offer other activities to keep kids away from drugs -such as a hoop shoot at LRC. They go into the schools. They had a drug awareness day at St. Sabina last year for parents and kids. They had about 20 families. They have a curriculum using Avenger comic books. Teachers can order these from the Elks. It has age-appropriate activities for all grades. They are looking for a speaker for Drug Awareness on October 2nd from 1-3. We could put in kids’ goody bags at the Run.

Coalition Update

  • Accounting & tax exempt issues almost resolved. Bob has been working with the bookkeeper. Accounting is all updated. Tax exempt form is almost ready to go.
  • David & Karen cleaned out the cabinets.
  • DWMHA denied collaboration with CYOFD & DABA because they had already closed the proposals.
  • Barb Gamber EDC for Livonia invited Karen to monthly marketing committee.
  • Student Summit proposed for election day on 11-8-16. Too hard for students to miss a day of school. Karen has put a feeler out to stakeholders. Thinking of having one topic with a speaker and breakouts to problem solve. Maybe hold it at VisTaTec, Madonna, or LRC.
  • Karen is thinking of having a speaker at morning meetings and inviting specific groups, i.e. elected officials or civic groups.
  • David leaving for college in 4 weeks.

 Old Business

  • Run updates. Participation was down, sponsorships were up. The number of volunteers were down. Jaki suggested a different event. Such as an Urban Goose Chase- like a scavenger hunt or photo scavenger hunt. Could add trivia re: substance abuse. Civil Air Patrol did a Pokemon Go presentation. Karen picked 3 new sponsors and gave them t-shirts that were left over. Move air dancers to main road. Put signs at the library so they know what is going on. There was a timing issue. We’ll get a different timer next year. Totals for ‘15’ & ‘16’ were off. David will revisit. We should get safety vests for people directing the runners.
  • Passport to Safety: Karen, David and Kaleen ran our table. They had new education resources – prescription meds & tobacco toxins.
  • Heroin… it IS in YOUR backyard! : Karen and David attended. The event was well attended. They went to different breakout sessions. Human trafficking is very high in our area.

Ongoing Planning

  • Substance Abuse: What you need to know and what you can do. The education series will follow the school calendar with sessions beginning in September.
  • Marijuana Community Awareness / Education committee is considering an on-line questionnaire. They are also planning an awareness event.

New Business

  • Karen is working on the Fall Newsletter which will go out to all the schools.
  • There is a new Families Against Narcotics in Northwest Wayne County.

Upcoming Events

  • Flyers were given out on a variety of events going on in our community.
  • Karen passed around a sign-up-sheet asking for volunteers for open houses and tail-gating events coming up in September and October.

Next Meeting is Wednesday, September 7 2016, 9:00 to 11:00 AM