February 2016 Meeting Minutes

In attendance:  Al Clemens, Jim Jolly, Jerry Kwas, Mike Campbell, Meg Venn, Tom Venn, Rich Gibson, Kaleen Snowdon, David Shuit, Jeremy Waechter, Marseille Arbuckle, Jr., John Grzebik,  Karen Bonanno, Golfo Tzilos, Jennifer Wakenell

Coalitions attempt to connect resources in the community – the presence of everyone is appreciated.

January meeting minutes reviewed, Jerry Kwas moved to approve minutes, Al Clemens seconded – minutes approved unanimously.

Special Guests

  • Mike Campbell, Fatherhood Initiative.  Mike is a LSOY volunteer who helped with fall school open houses.  He wrote a book in 1997 after his divorce for his son to understand that both parents love him/her.  His goal is to build confidence in fathers – works with Head Start and is looking to expand his reach and work with more fathers and groups.  Jeremy Waechter has 15 Head Start groups with a Fatherhood Initiative.   
  • Marseille Arbuckle, Jr., Center for Urban Youth and Family Development.  This group mentors youth coming out of foster care as they do not have a safety net, gaps are filled.  Also manage prevention work – prescription drug seminars and drug takebacks.  Would like to see where they can expand their services.  Would like to help screen high school youth, SBIRT, Screening Brief Intervention Referral to Training.  Recent legislation rose age to 21 to age out of foster care.  Work with Covenant House and other living facilities.  Helps youth find all types of services – jobs, shelter, school.  In addition, does prevention work with LOVE Detroit Youth Network, Wayne State and Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority.
  • Jeremy Waechter, Kids’ Talk, Children’s Advocacy – Serves all Wayne County.  Liaison between police-prosecutor when there is suspected abuse.  The child is allowed to say their story only once.  Being proactive about educating the community about recognizing and treating childhood trauma and abuse.  Looking to make contacts and be available in communities.  Therapy available free to youth.
  • Jim Jolly, Livonia City Council.  We can contact him with information and he can make announcements at council meetings or Karen can go to meeting to announce.  Jim will inquire about being an official liaison.  He will connect with drug court to try to get us representation.

Coalition Business

Board of Directors held a regular meeting 1-18-16.  A bookkeeper has been retained.  LSOY employees went from two to one.  Board of Directors decided to hold up on hiring another person until Karen gets prevention certification.  Issue with 501(c)3:  it lapsed and we are working to reestablish.  


Old Business

  • Karen B. is planning visits to all high school SADD group meetings
  • 22Jan – Wild-Game Dinner, CDS Foundation.  Karen B. and John Grzebik staffed the LSOY table at this event.  The ¾ house at Tino’s Farm has closed.  CDS donated $100,000 to Dawn Farm to open a ¾ house in Ann Arbor.  Richard Azstolos stepped down as chairperson.  CDS donated $1000 to LSOY

Ongoing Planning

  • Community Forum – Ongoing at St. Mary Mercy Livonia.  David Shuit is doing a Global Ed  project at Stevenson High School on the worldwide heroin epidemic.  The collaboration with Growth Works plans to approach city council and schools to see if this could be a consequence for young people.  Mike suggested students write a paper afterwards.  This month The Anonymous People movie will be shown on February 16.  The education series has moved to Classroom 11 in the South Building effective January.  Rich Gibson suggested calling Dena Centofani from Fox News for Publicity.  Meg Venn suggested pairing with police and people in custody.  Al Clemens said it was a better fit for probation department.  Rich Gibson will mention to probation officer friend in Novi.  Jim Jolly said as a free program this might be a good fit for people on probation.  Redford and Novi have veteran’s courts.  Farmington Hills has sobriety court.  
  • 04June – Run 2 Save Our Youth 2016.  Collaboration with Livonia Police, they cover expenses with drug forfeiture funds.  Run packets are included.  Karen B. will put brochure on website.  Registration is open.  Donations needed for Tin Can raffle, consider re-gifting.  Food tent will be moved to main area.  Jaclyn Sanchez will manage registration.  Karen B. will get quilt made from old run t-shirts.  

New Business

  • Marijuana Awareness Planning Committee Needed – A resource packet is included.  Growth Works, Inc. and St. Mary Mercy Livonia will collaborated on planning a town hall or forum to discuss in anticipation of recreational marijuana being on the ballot in November.  Marseilles’ dad is on a MPA.  NIDA has updated the marijuana resource booklet.  Drugs 101 or Tall Cop Says Stop are options for community awareness.  
  • Faith Community Outreach – Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority has a Faith-Based Initiative, LSOY will work toward reaching-out to local faith communities.  Meg Venn and Diane Montes are interested.
  • 05Feb, 7:30 p.m.  – #Enough, movie about human trafficking, will be shown at Madonna
  • 10Feb – Opioid Summit, 7:30-4:00, Marriott RenCen,  Karen B., Bob Douville, Jerry Kwas attending.  Dr. Mark Menestrina is a speaker.  Karen can register anyone interested in attending.

Community Reporting

  • Government response to opioid epidemic is $1 million in budget
  • John Grzebik explained difference between PTA and PTO:  PTA is nationally organized, PTO’s are local.  PTA offers programming to schools.  


Next Meeting is Wednesday, March 2, 9-11 a.m.