Learn and Receive Help


The links categorized in this section are ones that can help you and your family in need of help in addition to seeking local help in the Livonia area. The Coalition has also put together a resource guide and other handouts collaborated with community groups to further provide information.

Great Web Site Links

  • Teens Using Drugs
    A free two part educational program for parents.
  • Parents. The Anti-Drug.
    This great site is sponsored by the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign and contains a variety of informational topics every parent should know.
  • Teen Drug Intervention | Time to Act
    Developed in collaboration with scientists from the Treatment Research Institute, Time To Act, is the Partnership’s step-by-step online resource for parents and caregivers who suspect or know their child is experimenting, using, or has a problem with alcohol or drugs.

If you have any helpful resources to share, please contact us